Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY

Windows on the Lake: Long Island’s Premier Waterfront Wedding Venue with Magical Sunset Views


When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, the venue sets the stage for the entire event. Long Island, with its stunning natural beauty and picturesque landscapes, offers a plethora of choices. However, for those seeking a wedding venue that combines breathtaking waterfront views with the charm of magical sunsets, “Windows on the Lake” stands out as the absolute best choice. In this blog, we will explore why “Windows on the Lake” is Long Island’s premier waterfront wedding venue, offering fabulous photo opportunities against the backdrop of mesmerizing sunsets.

Unparalleled Waterfront Setting

“Windows on the Lake” is renowned for its idyllic location along the shores of Lake Ronkonkoma. As you step onto the grounds, you are instantly captivated by the shimmering waters of the lake, creating an atmosphere of romance and serenity. The venue’s strategic positioning ensures that you and your guests will be treated to unobstructed views of the lake and its surroundings, making it a dream location for waterfront weddings.

Magical Sunset Views

One of the most enchanting features of “Windows on the Lake” is the opportunity to witness magical sunsets that paint the sky with a breathtaking palette of colors. Imagine saying your vows against the backdrop of the sun gently sinking below the horizon, casting a warm and golden glow over your ceremony. These moments are not just special; they are the kind of memories that last a lifetime.

Fabulous Photo Opportunities

For couples and photographers alike, “Windows on the Lake” is a haven for fabulous photo opportunities. The golden hour, when the sun is low in the sky, provides the perfect lighting for capturing the love and joy of your special day. Whether it’s candid shots by the lakeside, dramatic sunset portraits, or group photos with the entire wedding party, every frame is set against a backdrop of natural beauty that needs minimal enhancement.

Versatile Spaces for Your Vision

“Windows on the Lake” understands that every couple is unique, and their wedding should reflect their individual style and personality. The venue offers a range of spaces that can be tailored to your vision. From the Lakeside Ballroom with its panoramic windows overlooking the lake to the charming Lakeside Chapel and the intimate Garden Room, you have the flexibility to create the wedding of your dreams.

Exquisite Dining Experience

A wedding is not just about the setting; it’s also about the food. “Windows on the Lake” prides itself on its exquisite dining experience. Their culinary team is dedicated to crafting a menu that delights the palate and satisfies the soul. Whether you desire a formal sit-down dinner, a lavish buffet, or creative food stations, your guests will be treated to a culinary journey that complements the natural beauty of the venue.


“Windows on the Lake” is more than just a wedding venue; it’s a canvas where dreams are painted with the hues of love and sunsets. If you’re envisioning a waterfront wedding with fabulous photo opportunities and magical sunsets that will leave everyone in awe, look no further. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love story, and “Windows on the Lake” provides the perfect backdrop to make it an unforgettable chapter in your journey together. Here, you’ll not only find a venue; you’ll find a place where memories are created and cherished for a lifetime.



1. How can I book “Windows on the Lake” as my wedding venue?

  • To book the venue, you can start by contacting their events team via their website or by phone. They will guide you through the booking process and answer any questions you may have.

2. Can I host both my ceremony and reception at “Windows on the Lake”?

  • Yes, the venue offers multiple spaces, including the Lakeside Chapel, for your ceremony and various ballrooms for your reception. They can help you plan a seamless transition between the two.

3. Are there any restrictions on decorating the venue?

  • “Windows on the Lake” provides guidelines for decorating to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the venue. They can work with you to create a beautiful setup that aligns with your vision.

4. What packages and services do you offer for weddings?

  • The venue often offers wedding packages that can include catering, flowers, and other services. Be sure to inquire about any current packages or promotions when discussing your wedding plans.

5. Is there a dedicated event planning team to assist with wedding planning?

  • Yes, “Windows on the Lake” has an experienced event planning team to assist you with all aspects of your wedding planning, from timelines to vendor recommendations.

6. Can I bring my own vendors, such as photographers or DJs?

  • While the venue has a list of trusted vendors, they are open to working with your preferred vendors. You can discuss your choices with their events team.

7. What is the maximum capacity for weddings at “Windows on the Lake”?

  • The capacity can vary depending on the specific space you choose within the venue. Be sure to discuss your guest count and space options with the venue’s events team.

8. Is parking available for guests?

  • Yes, “Windows on the Lake” offers ample parking to accommodate you and your guests conveniently.

9. What is the payment schedule for booking the venue?

  • Payment schedules may vary, but typically, venues require a deposit to secure the date, with the remaining balance due closer to the wedding date. You can discuss the payment details with the venue’s events team during the booking process.

10. Can I schedule a tour of the venue to see it in person?

  • Yes, you can schedule a tour of “Windows on the Lake” to see the venue in person and get a feel for its beauty and ambiance. Contact their events team to arrange a tour.

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