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What to Do at an Engagement Party That Everyone Will Enjoy


It is time to start planning the activities that will take place at the engagement party now that you have chosen a theme for the party. Because you and your closest friends and relatives will all be in the same location, the likelihood of having a good time is significantly increased. And although it’s true that simply having everyone in the same room would probably be fantastic, organizing a few games and activities will be an added touch that will help get people mingling with one another.


There is a good chance that you will see these folks quite a bit over the course of your wedding journey; therefore, there is no better way to get to know each other than by participating in some unusual icebreakers. Continue reading for a list of inventive games and activities that can be played at any engagement party to keep guests entertained.


Ring Quest

Hide plastic rings in various locations throughout the event, and then send your guests on a hunt for the rings. Whoever unearths the most rings will emerge victorious. Simply told, it’s very similar to an Easter egg hunt, only the eggs contain engagement rings instead of candy. Make sure that you have some prizes on hand, such as a gift card to Starbucks or a little bottle of champagne.


Set up a photo booth

You absolutely must provide your guests with the opportunity to take photos at a designated area designated specifically for that purpose. You might decide to go with a goofy theme and stock up on a variety of pose-worthy items, such as hats, sunglasses, flower leis, clip-on bow ties, and the like, for your guests to choose from before taking pictures in front of a colorful backdrop. Alternatively, you might build a floral backdrop and present items such as wooden hearts and signs with messages about love for guests to read.


Make a personalized Snapchat geofilter

You know how when you attend certain events, like a concert or a sporting event, there will sometimes be a special filter available on Snapchat to correlate with the occasion? This is referred to as a geofilter, and absolutely anyone may obtain one. Pricing is based on the size of the user area; therefore, it is actually fairly reasonable for a small venue or someone’s house (just $5 an hour for a geofilter that’s 20 square feet).


Game of the Nearlyweds

Playing a live version of the Newlywed Game will give you an idea of how well the couples in attendance know one another (in the case of the affianced couple, the Nearlywed Game). Give them each a little dry-erase board and ask them to respond to questions such as, What would your spouse like for their last meal? Compare each couple’s responses to the correct response after reading each question aloud and having them react. The two competitors will compete against each other to see which of them has the most answers that are right.


Playing beanbags

The beanbag throw game, also known as cornhole, is ideal for playing outside at an engagement party. You have the option of going all out with bridal-themed boards or keeping it simple and elegant. One amusing suggestion is to encourage the couple to lock their lips whenever one of them gets a goal.


Wedding Jeopardy!

Create a homemade version of the game Jeopardy! with questions pertaining to the couple and their relationship. In the same manner as the game show, the answers will be revealed on the board, and the guests will be required to “buzz” in to correctly identify the question that is associated with each answer (if you don’t have a buzzer on hand, you can simply have the participants raise their hands or ring a bell). One or both of the bride and groom, the couple, and the arrangements for the wedding could all qualify as potential categories. If someone chooses “the engagement” for the number 300, for instance, it might display an answer like “13 months, prompting someone else to buzz in and ask, “How many months were the pair together before they got engaged?


Frequently asked questions:


What is an appropriate engagement party?

The traditional example is a cocktail party held by the bride’s parents at their home before the wedding, but this is by no means the only possibility. The fact that the host has some opportunity for creative license and improvisation is one of the many reasons why engagement parties are so much fun.


Who traditionally pays for the engagement party?

It is customary for the family of the bride to pay this fee. This is because the engagement party is generally held in the home of the bride’s family as a means to introduce and celebrate the union of the two families (usually for the first time!).


What is expected of the groom’s mother?

It is customary for the family of the bride to pay this fee. This is because the engagement party is customarily held at the bride’s family home and serves as a method for the families of the bride and groom to meet each other for the first time (typically!).

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