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What Does a Wedding Viennese Hour Involve?

Wedding Catering Setup

Your wedding day is sure to be nothing short of a fairytale for you and your guests. The best part about arranging your own wedding is that you and your future spouse get to decide everything about how the big day will unfold. You get to choose where your celebration will be held, you get to choose the flower arrangements that will be on display, and you get to decide whether or not the night will end with you dancing to a live band or rocking out to a DJ.


An additional advantage of organizing your wedding day? Everything, including the starters, the main dishes, the beverages, and the desserts, is fully up to you to decide, and this includes everything from the drinks to the desserts to the main dishes. You are not limited to choosing a classic cake as your dessert option if you are someone who truly enjoys sweets. You might go all out with a Viennese hour that provides a tasty surprise for each of your visitors. This is a fantastic method to wow your visitors.


Do you believe your wedding would be incomplete without a traditional Viennese hour? Continue reading to find out everything about how you can include this delectable element in your special day’s festivities.


A brief history of the Viennese Hour

The Viennese Hour, sometimes known as the Venetian Hour, has Italian roots, as its name suggests. Traditionally, to provide a wide variety of sweet treats, a lavish display would be put together during a wedding. On some times, relatives might have cooked the cookies or other sweets, with each contributing to the table’s indulgence. couples can choose to construct a Viennese hour that is themed around their heritages or favorite family foods or something that is based on traditional Italian or Parisian dishes.


When Is a Viennese Hour Appropriate?

A Viennese hour is customarily held following supper and the cutting of the wedding cake. It provides the perfect treat for guests as the party goes into the evening and acts as an ongoing extravagant dessert display throughout the reception.


Dessert vs. Viennese Hour

Finding ideas for dessert or sweets tables for your wedding is not unusual. Those are unquestionably the best choice for a couple trying to put up a spread, as they frequently include sweets like cookies or candy that complement their cake’s design. A dessert table will often be set up at the start of the wedding and not touched until after dinner. Dessert tables frequently have a unified color palette or theme, with desserts decorated to fit.


A Viennese hour uses the same straightforward idea of desserts being placed on a table, but in general, that idea is elevated to a whole new level. The abundance of options available to guests during this hour is endless. Dessert options will be more varied and frequently much more opulent during a Viennese hour. The lavish table welcomes extravagance without adhering to a strict color scheme. And for many, the desserts offered may have greater significance.


What Does a Viennese Hour Cost?

The cost can undoubtedly vary depending on your guest count and how lavish your wedding will be, just like it can with any other aspect of wedding planning. A Viennese hour can definitely increase the expense of your dessert budget because it is all about luxury and a lavish display.  A couple should budget between $10 to $50 per guest because the expenditures for providing this experience might range based on the selections and numbers per guest.


Of course, this total will vary depending on how complicated the sweets you choose are. You can surely reduce part of the cost of putting together the display if you are able to bake some of the desserts yourself or give the job to a dependable friend or cousin.


What Food Should Be Offered During a Vienna Hour?

There are countless possibilities for celebration sweets. Instead of the more contemporary selections like cupcakes or cake pops that you may find on a dessert table, a Viennese hour typically has old-fashioned desserts. You might ask your caterer if adding a Viennese hour to your order is possible. Another option is to order a choice of desserts in bulk from your preferred bakery and ask a friend or family member to set the table for you.


The main focus of a Viennese hour is to delight guests and sprinkle in personalization outside of a dessert table. Consider how you might haphazardly stroll into a bakery or cake shop in Europe and place an order for one of each of your preferred sweets. Couples who adopt this attitude can more clearly define the type of Viennese hour they want to create.


Frequently asked questions:

What exactly does “Venetian hour” mean?

A Venetian hour is a full Italian wedding ritual. It ends an Italian wedding. The wedding cake is presented with a buffet of pastries, cakes, fruits, liqueurs, and coffee.


Why is it called Viennese hour?

Parties were likewise known to be extravagant occasions in Vienna. So it was seen to be the height of eloquence to have a substantial dessert hour with Austrian sweets. Sicilians enjoyed recreating the elegance and grandeur of weddings whenever they occurred. Consequently, extravagant dessert hours started to appear.


What is a Viennese bar?

The small batch variation of Vienna Squares, Ronald Reagan’s preferred cookie, is known as Vienna Bars. The 15 x 10 or 9 x 13-inch pan is used to make the original recipe. Either a 9-inch square pan or an 8-inch square pan can be used to make this variation.


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