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Wedding Jewelry Brands You Should Get on Your Special Day

wedding jewelry

The wedding jewelry industry’s ethical and environmental practices are well-known. Mining precious metals and gemstones in conflict zones around the world led to the phrase “blood diamonds,” which refers to raw materials sold to support civil wars like Angola and Sierra Leone. Sustainable jewelry is on the rise, with buyers wanting ethically sourced, environmentally responsible jewels.


While the four C’s (cut, color, carat, and clarity) will always be significant, customers are growing increasingly inquisitive about social, ethical, and environmental issues related to wedding rings. Several eco-conscious accessory manufacturers are committed to encouraging transparency and traceability in the jewelry sector, with more brands analyzing and upgrading their sustainability initiatives every day to suit consumer demand.


Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand only create wedding jewelry with diamonds and gemstones that are obtained in a responsible manner. The company makes it a priority to source as much of its gold as possible from recycled sources, and any waste metal generated during product development is reused in full. The company also buys carbon credits so that it can guarantee that all of its shipments are carbon-neutral, and they have a goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030 entirely. In addition to this, they develop two collections each year to raise money for vital causes, such as bringing attention to breast cancer and female-centered education.


Starling Jewelry

Starling Jewelry, situated in Los Angeles, takes its commitment to sustainability very seriously. As a result, the company is one of only a select few to acquire an SCS certification for their usage of post-consumer diamonds and gemstones as well as 100% recycled yellow gold content in their products. At the moment, the company uses yellow gold, which has been recycled at a rate of 100%, as well as rose gold and white gold, which have been recycled at a rate of 70% (while the gold itself has been recycled at a rate of 100%, the additive materials that make the gold 14k or rose-colored have not been recycled at a rate of 100% — at least not yet!). In approximately fifty to sixty percent of its products, the company uses recycled white diamonds. This percentage varies depending on availability.


Shahla Karimi

Jewelry designer Shahla Karimi from New York City uses traditional forms of engagement rings and brings them up to date with contemporary elements. The central stone of each ring is either ethically sourced and Kimberly-certified, or it is an above-ground diamond grown using Diamond Foundry’s certified carbon-neutral process. Each ring is crafted in an environmentally responsible manner using only platinum or gold that has been recycled in its entirety.


Brilliant Earth

By providing what they refer to as “Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds,” or diamonds that have been chosen for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins, Brilliant Earth goes above and beyond the requirements set by the present industry. All of their stones are supplied from specific mine operators who adhere to internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental norms, and their suppliers exhibit a strong chain of custody policy.


The company typically uses recycled and re-refined gold that has been sourced from accredited responsible refiners, which helps to reduce the demand for newly mined gold worldwide. They currently use 93% recycled gold in their fine jewelry made of gold and 99.8% recycled silver in their fine wedding jewelry made of silver. Brilliant Earth is also designated CarbonFree through cooperation and reduces carbon emissions by funding the preservation of tropical rain forests in Brazil.



Jewelry company VRAI, established in 2014, places a high value on ethical responsibility, transparency, and traceability. All environmental and human costs associated with conventional diamonds are eliminated by VRAI’s diamonds, which are produced in a carbon-neutral foundry in the American Pacific Northwest. The foundry converts its methane greenhouse gas into diamonds using just hydroelectricity from the Columbia River. The company conserves 143 pounds of carbon dioxide, 2,011 ounces of air pollution, and 250 tons of dirt for every carat of VRAI diamond that is generated. Additionally, as a direct-to-consumer jeweler, VRAI is vertically integrated and is aware of every stage of the diamond’s life, from when it is first planted to when it is delivered to the customer. Without a middleman, VRAI is able to fully manage its impact and footprint, ensuring the most moral and sustainable business practices throughout the entire process.



Aether Diamonds was the first jewelry company to produce diamonds from carbon found in the atmosphere when it was established in 2020. According to the company’s website, the B Corp-certified brand asserts that they are able to eliminate 20 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for every carat of diamond that is sold. This is a significant element in reducing the typical American’s carbon footprint by more than a year. In addition, Aether exclusively uses white, rose, and yellow gold that comes from merchants who have been approved by the organization Fairmined. This organization establishes standards in the mining industry for both the working conditions of miners and the environmental principles they follow.



In each item, KATKIM places a strong emphasis on design, quality, and sustainability. The Los Angeles-based company employs Kimberly Process-compliant conflict-free diamonds and, if practical, repurposed gold. Production is maintained local to California so that KATKIM can cast a shadow over the entire procedure. The company only works with dependable and trustworthy suppliers who have an ethical supply chain for all stones and gold. Additionally, KATKIM donates a portion of its annual earnings to Ocean Conservancy.


Frequently asked questions

What Wedding jewelry is trending right now?

The main wedding jewelry trends for 2022, as seen on the runways of brands like Valentino and Hermes, among others, include larger-than-life links. Choose large gold chains this season, which look great worn alone or paired with other outrageous accessories.


How do you accessorize a wedding guest?

In order to respect the bride on her particular day, wedding guests should refrain from donning jewelry made of transparent gemstones or diamonds (wedding or engagement rings are fine). Instead, choose bright jewelry that reflects the colors of the event and exudes pleasure and fun.


What is considered cheap jewelry?

Oftentimes, low-priced jewelry is made with low-quality alloys or even plastic that has been sprayed and coated to look like metal. Polished metals like gold, silver, and bronze exhibit a subtle radiance. Choose metals with a more subdued sheen rather than those with a very high sheen.

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