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Unique Proposal Destinations in New York City!

Unique Proposal Destination - Engagement Party Venues NYC

If you’ve ever watched a romantic comedy that was filmed in New York City, you’ve definitely got some romantic ideas about places like (Unique Proposal Destination) the top of the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge. In point of fact, the Empire State Building even began circulating a proposal package titled “Happily Ever Empire” in the fall of 2021. As part of the overall package, it provides “priority access to the historic 86th Floor Observatory, where you will soak in the amazing city views before you pop the question, and a complimentary bottle of champagne in a secret corner of the famed outdoor attraction.”

Even if these Unique Proposal Destinations are undoubtedly stunning, well-known, and romantic, there are a great many more that are not. Let’s say cliche locations throughout the city are ideal for couples to spend time together. And a good number of them are completely free!

Here are several other Unique Proposal Destinations in New York City where you can pop the question.

SeaGlass Carousel

In 2015, the SeaGlass Carousel made its debut in Battery Park and almost immediately gained a reputation as a cherished and well-kept secret in the city of New York. Taking a step inside is like embarking on a wondrous adventure through a rainbow of colors and bright lights deep within the ocean. Choose a fish, and as you move and listen to the music, you will be transported into a whimsical state. We strongly encourage going at night, when the lights are at their brightest. In this enchanted region, you can not only capture some amazing photographs but also surprise your future spouse by popping the big question. And after you’re done inside, step outside into Battery Park to take in the city’s most breathtaking view of the Statue of Liberty.

Washington Mews

Outside of Washington Square Park, there is a guarded enclave that feels like you’ve stepped onto the cobblestone streets of Europe. Washington Mews was once a farming community and stable for horses. The street was once private property and was home to horse stables until the early 1900s when the buildings were renovated to accommodate the growing number of artists in the neighborhood. It’s the ideal location for a marriage proposal and accompanying wedding photoshoot. And if you fall in love with it enough, you can even stay there permanently (at a cost). The price of a carriage house that has been renovated into a luxury apartment is close to $10 million.

Wave Hill Gardens

Wave Hill Public Garden, located high in the Bronx along the Hudson River, is a magical site you might not expect to encounter. There is a tropical and desert plant conservatory, a herb garden, a wildflower garden, a greenhouse, and more on the expansive 28-acre property. Then there’s a magnificent stone pergola along the river that’s ideal for a proposal in any season. Get a sneaky photographer in on the action and record this breathtaking scene. The garden is a great place to spend the day because it has a cafe, a stage for performances, and art exhibitions.

Edge NYC

The highest outdoor Skydeck in the Eastern Hemisphere is called Edge, and it’s higher than the ones at the Rock, the Empire State Building, and the World Trade Center. It may be found in the trendy neighborhood of Hudson Yards on the western edge of Manhattan. If you have a fear of heights, you should probably avoid the restaurant Edge, which is located 100 floors in the air and has glass fences and a glass floor. Edge, however, offers a breathtaking setting for a proposal, provided you and your significant other are comfortable with floating far above the city. Just imagine all the pictures you’ll take! There’s even a package for the daredevils and the explorers that include the opportunity to scale the exterior of the building.

Beach in Williamsburg

There’s a rumor of a brand-new beach opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. However, there is no need to hold out because one is already available. The East River can be reached by walking down the sandy road that leads from Martha P. Johnson State Park’s cobblestone path. At sunset and on sunny days in general, the tiny beach is crowded with locals and tourists alike. This park is home to Smorgasburg, one of the world’s most well-known outdoor food festivals, making it an ideal spot for a foodie to pop the question. For a quieter, more intimate experience, though, visit during the week or later in the evening when the sky is pink, Manhattan’s lights twinkle over the lake, and the only sound you’ll hear is the ocean lapping at the coast.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a unique way to propose?

Write “will you marry me?” on a small piece of paper in advance. And coil it up before placing it into an old bottle or a seashell. Make sure you or your companion notices it and picks it up by planting it in an area where the two of you will pass it while walking. If you want to make your proposal a complete surprise, this one is so much fun.

How do I propose at the edge in NYC?

Book your tickets, and have your NYC proposal photographer book their tickets for a time slot before you if you want to pop the question at The Edge and have the occasion captured on camera. A few moments before you.

Which knee do you propose on?

One of our favorite traditions of a marriage proposal nowadays is this one. If you’re unsure which knee to propose on, it is customary to have your left knee on the ground, the ring box in your left hand, and your right hand ready to open the box.

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