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Top Techniques to Save Money for Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding Calligraphy

Everybody has been there. You’ve been admiring the work of a particular artist for a while, and you really (REALLY) want to acquire it… yet the cost is prohibitive. You’re trying to figure out how to stay within your means while yet getting that wedding calligraphy.


We are here to inform you that getting bespoke calligraphy on a budget is entirely doable. However, requesting a price reduction from the calligrapher—or any other artist, for that matter—is NOT the appropriate course of action.


Here are several appropriate ways to get beautiful calligraphy for your wedding occasion, reception party, or special gift while still saving money.


Nothing Weird with Cheap Calligraphy!

Before attempting, we wanted to make it clear that having a budget and having to keep to it are both perfectly acceptable. All of us do! Well, most of us, at least.

Exactly, for this reason, we are giving these to you. To look at your possibilities, it’s important to communicate with your calligraphy artist. Any artist will gladly collaborate with you to find a solution that fits your budget and provides a fair price for their services, as long as their abilities and effort are acknowledged.


  1. Reducing the project’s scope

When looking for calligraphy on a budget, this is likely one of the first things to consider. The price will undoubtedly be reduced if the artist has less work to complete. When you narrow the scope, you can still make a big impression and wow your audience.


Consider having just the chorus or a few words that have the greatest meaning to you calligraphed, as opposed to having the complete lyrics to the song from your first dance.


Another illustration would be to use calligraphy for the address on the wedding invitation envelopes but use a stamp for the return address. Since their own name would be the main feature of the calligraphy, your guests would still be amazed by it!


  1. Using block letters

Block letters are clear, straightforward capital letters. They take less time to lay out and are simpler. They will therefore be your buddy if you are looking for calligraphy on a tight budget!


Your calligrapher can collaborate with you to incorporate calligraphy accents with block letters into the project where it makes sense.


An illustration of this would be to use block letters for the remainder of the address and calligraphy for the names of your guests.


On seating diagrams, the opposite would also be true: table names would be written in block letters, and table numbers would be written in calligraphy.


  1. A little more time for the artist

Giving your calligrapher plenty of time to complete the work is another extremely simple approach to saving money on their services.


The cost of rush jobs will be higher, as it should be. Even worse, there are situations when it is impossible to finish rush jobs on time, no matter the amount of money you spend on it.


If you want to get calligraphy done on a budget, you need to keep this in mind and be willing to be flexible with your timelines.


  1. Avoid using fancy ink!

Yes, custom-colored ink is nice, and yes, shiny inks are BEAUTIFUL! The traditional black ink is still a fantastic alternative, and it is typically less expensive.


For the calligrapher, black inks are less expensive and easier to utilize. The pigment in the majority of shiny or shimmery inks must be constantly swirled while being used to prevent it from sinking to the bottom. Some also come in dry pan form, which must be wetted and applied with a paintbrush to the nib (the metal object at the end of the calligraphy pen).


Black ink is a timeless option that will continue to impress your loved ones!


  1. Go for the white paper

Your calligrapher will be able to utilize a light pad if you select white paper. A light pad is a tool that seems to have magical properties since it enables an artist to see through the paper. After that, we can copy the sketch, or we can follow the directions that are underneath it.


Imagine a wedding where none of the 200 invitation envelopes had the tracing guidelines printed on them. The utilization of a light pad is a significant time saver, which is something that will unquestionably be mirrored in the cost of the undertaking.


Frequently asked question


What is a calligrapher for a wedding?

A calligrapher, as opposed to a printed wedding sign you might be able to order online, can combine what you want with the wedding decor you already have and offer guidance on how to design something specific to your event that will flow naturally.


How many kinds of calligraphy are there?

The three main subtypes of calligraphy are Western, Eastern, and Arabic calligraphy. Each kind represents the spoken and written languages of a particular geographical region. Contrary to western calligraphy, which emphasizes English handwriting, eastern calligraphy features the majority of Asian alphabets.


How much does professional calligraphy cost?

A custom wedding program with calligraphy can cost up to $150. Expect to pay $50 to $75 per hour for creative calligraphy design or artwork, which often mixes calligraphy with photos or unique characters.


What is the classic wedding font?

If you want a classic style for your wedding invitation, look no further. The font style utilized during royal weddings is Pinyon Script. A serif typeface like Forum and a dash of gold can be used to make a classic wedding invitation that is perfect for conventional weddings

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