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Tips for Including Balloons in Your Wedding Decorations

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When we were younger, balloons were a sure sign that there would be a celebration of some kind, whether it was a birthday bash, a pep rally, or a school dance. Now that we’re grownups, aren’t they a thing for weddings (also known as the one celebration that tops all other parties in our lives)? There is one certain thing: Balloons are making an appearance everywhere in the party circuit, from the engagement shot and bridal shower all the way up to the wedding ceremony, and this trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Simply put, all the popular kids who are now adults have begun to embrace the use of wedding balloons, and it is time for contemporary brides to join in on the trend.

The fact that balloons may be used as a decoration for weddings without busting the budget is one of our favourite things about this option. For instance, if you had a floral piece of the same size, you would be looking at a price that is significantly more. In addition, they are more distinctive than flowers because the majority of weddings do not utilise them as decoration. Additionally, every piece is unique. Therefore, regardless of what you choose to do, the balloon decor for your event will be completely unique.

The good news is that we have some creative ideas for you to get balloon wedding decorations, so you won’t need to worry about that.

Opt for Balloon Train

To take your pictures to the next level, try striking a pose with a festive balloon bouquet in the background. (A stunning landscape in the middle of the desert doesn’t hurt either.) Although this couple chooses to have a balloon train in the colour peach, you are free to personalise the colour as well as the size of your balloons to fit in with the theme and decor of your wedding.

Put up a rainbow and light up the room

This installation, which looks like a rainbow, is a true work of art. The decor may be crossed off your to-do list with a little help from the trademark clustered aesthetic created by Geronimo Balloons. Installing a balloon arch directly over the reception table is sure to impress your guests and become the topic of conversation long after the event has ended.

Instead of a traditional wreath, try a balloon garland

Garlands are having a major moment right now; in case you were unaware of this fact beforehand. Taking things, a step further, you may add some miniature balloons to the mix as an accent that is sure to generate a conversation and won’t go unnoticed. You are allowed to blend subdued and bright tones with eucalyptus, flowers, or greenery in any way you see fit.

Planning a Stylish Getaway

You will want your exit to have the same kind of impression that your impressive entrance did when you host an event. A stylish getaway can be achieved by affixing balloons to the back of a vintage car or tying them to a Vespa. This magnificent arrangement of pink, white, and grey balloons calls for the usage of jumbo-sized balloons, which would be an excellent time to put those balloons to use.

Put Your Imagination to Work with a Balloon Wall

It’s either “go big or go home” with this balloon-covered wall. Stick to a single colour palette, like the ones in this example, which are light pink, to avoid overpowering your guests and pulling the spotlight away from you at an important wedding moment. However, feel free to mix up the sizes of the balloons; doing so will make it appear as though you inflated each one yourself (even if you didn’t).

Decoration of a Swimming Pool with Balloons

It’s not a proper summer wedding until there’s a floating pool of white balloons, and they should be levitating. This concept is absolutely ideal for a contemporary get-together by the pool that will feature an open bar. A helpful hint is to incorporate lights or floating candles so that the exhibit continues to shine after dark.

Balloons Should Reflect the Party’s Theme

This is the perfect look for you and your husband if you and your guests are renowned for being wild party animals. (We are going to presume that this bridal shower was a ball.) You may accomplish a similar look by affixing tassels to balloons and then allowing them to drift to the ceiling. Just make sure to select a colour scheme that goes well with your interior design. In this setting, the array of blue balloons works in perfect harmony with the striped linen tablecloths to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a beach party.

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Frequently asked questions

What to use to attach balloons to the wall?

You will only need balloons, double-sided tape, and flowers if you want to make this activity look more elegant. After the balloons have been inflated, use the double-sided tape to attach each one to the wall in the desired configuration. Use tape to fasten the flower stems to the wall in strategic places as you weave in different types of flowers.

Are balloon arches tacky for wedding decorations?

It takes a talented artist to pull off some of the patterns that can be done with balloons, which include making arches that are both elegant and lovely. In the hands of an untrained decorator, a balloon arch can easily take on an unprofessional appearance.

What is a good size balloon arch?

The 11-inch balloon is by far the most popular choice when it comes to walk-through arch balloon sizes. In order to prevent the balloons from popping and to ensure that they fit snugly against one another in the cluster, I would under-inflate them somewhat.

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