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Tips for Cooling Off Your Wedding Guests at a Summer Wedding- WOTL

Summer Wedding Guests

Sadly, it is hard to control the weather (and temperature!) on the day of your summer wedding, but it is extremely easy to manage how comfortable your wedding guests are, regardless of the situation. Fortunately, there are several advantages to hosting a wedding in the summer, as well as numerous suggestions to make sure your big day runs as smoothly and comfortably as possible.


We’ve gathered a variety of suggestions from the most creative event planners in the business and specialists in hot weather situations to make sure your guests are both comfortable and kept cool.


  1. Distribute umbrellas for a ceremony in the sun

When hosting outside, there are many creative ways to protect your guests from rising temperatures. Air conditioning, hand fans, parasols, and spiked snow cones are all available. During this outdoor event, guests wore parasols to protect themselves from the sun; this ornamental element complimented the theme of the day perfectly.


  1. Shade the areas where you lounge

It is crucial to provide guests with shade during summer weddings in order to maintain a comfortable temperature and ensure that everyone has a pleasant time. If you provide your guests who are enjoying the outdoors with shade in the shape of charming umbrellas or compact tents of the pop-up variety, it will be much simpler for them to keep a comfortable body temperature and continue to take pleasure in their time spent outside.


  1. Cool off during your outdoor cocktail hour

Despite the fact that your event will take place in the summer, you shouldn’t stray from the custom of hosting a lovely cocktail hour outside. Create a cocktail menu with inventive drinks and frozen cocktails so that guests can enjoy your venue’s stunning outside space while staying cool. The floral champagne popsicles will be appreciated by your guests as a cool treat during the warm summer evenings.


  1. Think about the time of day

Look ahead to determine when the sun will be at its hottest and when the temperature will be at its maximum in the place you have picked. Planning a ceremony around the hottest parts of the day will help you avoid the day’s maximum temperatures, especially if you’re hosting outside. Make sure that your day-of schedule is tailored for the coolest times of day by working with your planner and your venue.


  1. Set up hydration stations

When dealing with warm weather, proper hydration is essential in order to ensure that guests are able to feel comfortable and maintain their cool. Keeping your guests cool while they are attending your wedding may be accomplished in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally beneficial by providing them with elegant lemonade stations that feature fresh flowers.


  1. Frozen desserts should be offered

When you creatively give your visitors a sweet treat that is both new and delectable, consider including frozen elements in your selection of desserts. During the warmer months, it is a good idea to provide your guests with a tasty treat that can also serve as a means of cooling down if you offer them a refreshing frozen treat.


  1. Integrate beauty and function

When putting the finishing touches on the design of your big day, bear in mind that the decorations you choose should be able to double as ingenious ways to keep your visitors cool. The hosts of this party provided their guests with an ice-cold beer in a vintage canoe for a creative and one-of-a-kind drinking experience that eliminated the need for attendees to stand in line at the bar.


  1. Create a tasty menu for the starter

Keep visitors cool with a beginning variation that is both invigorating and unexpected. Vichyssoise shooters, which are often referred to as gazpacho shooters, are made using ingredients that are at the peak of ripeness and have brilliant colours, both of which scream that summer has here.


  1. Always bring a tent when in doubt

“Tents are beautiful, practical, and incredibly helpful for shading and shielding guests from the warmer summer temps,” Set up a tent for your reception room and supply fans or other means of cooling down its interior is a terrific idea for keeping your guests comfortable during a summer wedding.


  1. Your photos should pop out

After a hot summer night wedding, hosting an after party in the pool is the ideal way to relieve some of the day’s heat. This is going to make for some hilarious and unforgettable pictures at the wedding.


Frequently asked question

At a wedding, how do you stay ice cold?

A receiving line is a customary approach to greeting visitors. This line can be established either at the wedding site right after the ceremony or at the reception site when people arrive. If you are expecting many visitors, a receiving line is the most practical solution.


What is too hot for an outdoor wedding?

Long periods of time spent outside are no longer safe if the temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above. When organizing an outdoor wedding in a place that typically has moderate temperatures but may occasionally turn quite hot, you should also take the weather into account.


How do you greet all guests at a wedding?

A receiving line is a customary approach to greeting visitors. This line can be established either at the wedding site right after the ceremony or at the reception site when people arrive. If you are expecting many visitors, a receiving line is the most practical solution.


What do wedding guests really care about?

Visitors genuinely worry about how timely everything is. Unhappy guests can result from starting your wedding ceremony late or giving an unexpectedly early start time to accommodate any late arrivals. Plan additional time for travel, pictures, and hair and makeup the morning of your wedding to ensure that you arrive on time.

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