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Tips For Any (Yes, Any!) Barn Wedding Style

Barn Wedding

It doesn’t matter if you want your big day to be steeped in old-fashioned country allure or if you want to give it a more contemporary twist; a wedding event in a barn can easily transition into any kind of party (yep, even the latter). In the end, subtle accents like curtains, crisp white seats, or beautiful plants work wonderfully against a classic hardwood backdrop. Not to mention, this venue is chock-full of flexible inspiration for every step of your wedding function, from a farm-fresh menu to spectacular save-the-dates or wedding invitations and everything in between. You should go to the land that has been in your family for generations or a recently found pastoral paradise; then you should say “I do” in front of everyone and then have a wedding party.

Take a look for some of the best ideas for barn weddings that you can integrate into your own unique and personalized barn celebration.

  1. Set Yourself in the Farmhouse

If the venue you have chosen for your wedding also includes a farmhouse on the property, make the quaint quarters there your pre-wedding primping area with the other members of your bridal party.


  1. Take Gorgeous Photos

Any location in a barn is an excellent choice for photographs that are suitable for scrapbooking, whether you want to take pictures of just you and your future husband, people mingling, or even just the setup by itself. Just use this beautiful picture that was taken at this wedding as your inspiration.


  1. Enjoy the Season

Allow the lovely natural surroundings and colors to play a role in the aesthetic of the celebration, regardless of when your wedding will take place. In the end, nothing can enhance a barn quite like imposing vines or vivid greenery, particularly in the autumn months.


  1. In the Open, say “I Do”

It could be a good idea to hold the ceremony outside in front of the barn before you move everything inside for the reception. Allow the focal point to take center stage by arranging the seating such that it faces the facade; alternatively, you might think of the facade as a stunning backdrop.


  1. Add Dreamy Decor

This ceremony set is the stuff that dreams are made of for barn weddings! The couple transformed an open barn space into a snug and welcoming environment by adding an arch of autumn foliage and an aisle of candlelight in this particular location.


  1. Select Benches

Consider the scene of the wedding ceremony as evidence that “rustic” can be done in a sophisticated manner. There are no hay bales or mason jars to be seen in this area. Instead, this pair went for a more stylish look by accessorizing the space with natural elements such as potted plants, throw blankets, and bench seating.

  1. Think Outside the Rental Box

In many cases, the setting of a barn can provide a magnificent yet relatively open backdrop for an event. Take advantage of the blank canvas by filling the area with an interesting collection of rental furniture, textiles, and lights to create a warm and inviting environment like the one that was seen at this wedding welcome party.


  1. Putting Draping

By covering the entrance to your barn, you may give the space the feeling of having both indoor and outdoor space. This room included lounge vignettes with leather tufted seats and wine-colored linens and was decorated with locally picked hops that were strung from ceiling to floor.


  1. Integrate Surprising Touches

This couple’s florist gave guests a warm welcome with identical peace sign flowers that were displayed on the venue’s sliding farm doors. These bouquets were a nod to the couple’s passion for attending music festivals. While the peace signs shown at this wedding are adorable, guests of any aesthetic can easily replicate this stylish look.


  1. Add a Lounge Area

To add a touch of sophistication to the cocktail hour, establish a warm and inviting seating area by selecting a palette of cool colors and plush, cushy furnishings. As is shown below, additional points are awarded for furniture that is not only comfortable but also stylish and modernizes the environment without detracting from it.


Frequently asked questions

Why is everyone getting married in a barn?

Barn weddings not only provide stunning scenery but also have plenty of room for everything and everyone. Barn locations can hold all of your family, friends, and more, even if your guest list is endless. Additionally, wedding barns feature enough parking for all of your guests.


How do you dress a barn for a wedding?

The guy need not dress in a suit and tie unless the wedding is a black-tie affair. Typically, semi-formal and fancy casual attire will work just fine. Be sure to wear light hues like tan and soft grey if the guy intends to wear a suit. Even a dark gray or black suit can appear too official for the situation.


Are barn weddings still popular?

In 2017, 15% of couples choose a barn, farm, or ranch for their wedding reception, up from just 2% in 2009, according to an annual study of an online wedding planning platform and magazine. Traditional wedding locations, meanwhile, are becoming less popular.


How do you describe a barn wedding?

An outdoor barn wedding is the height of rustic elegance. It’s all about the laid-back, yet gorgeous details the couple includes to personalize their barn wedding. You may convey the casual atmosphere you want with exposed wood, carefully chosen nature-inspired accents, locally sourced beverages in mason jars, and lots of candles.

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