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The World’s Most Sustainable Honeymoon Resorts


Couples may make a difference and demonstrate their love for the environment simply by the manner they choose to travel on their honeymoon, as opposed to waiting for governments and businesses to develop solutions that address climate change. There are various ways to approach this once-in-a-lifetime trip more sustainably since it’s probably one of the most opulent ones you and your bae will ever take together. Here are some tips for taking a more environmentally friendly honeymoon, from your mode of transportation to the hotels you stay at and the meals you consume. See some of the top choices available right now in addition.


How to Have a More Sustainable Honeymoon, First

Epic journeys frequently involve flying, but not necessarily. Do you actually need to fly before you board any flight? Can you stay at home or travel using a slower mode of transportation, such as a train or car? Global Environmental Impact Manager and scientist with Intrepid Travel. Since the beginning of the epidemic, Intrepid has made sustainability a priority, creating more than new low-carbon excursions with a focus on activities like walking, trekking, and cycling. Currently, tourism is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, with aircraft contributing to around 25% of that total.


It’s vital to think about methods you may lower your emissions before or after your flight if you do want to fly for a desirable trip, such as your honeymoon. Even though you might be tempted to fly business or first class to celebrate, doing so has a significant carbon footprint that is about 5.5 times larger than traveling in economy. Not to ruin the fun, but you might want to take a few fewer honeymoon outfit changes than you had planned. Overweight luggage will make aircraft heavier, increasing carbon emissions.


What to Bring for a Greener Honeymoon

Traveling with certain essentials, such as a reusable cup, water bottle, produce bags, metal or bamboo straw, reusable eating utensils, and packaging-free toiletries is a simple way to take action. Usage a water bottle with filtration, like the CamelBak Eddy, to limit your use of plastic water bottles. This reusable water bottle gets rid of bacteria, parasites, other yucky stuff, and unpleasant odors, whether you’re filling it up with stream water on a trek or simply making sure the water at your resort is safe to drink.


Additional Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Each of these eco-conscious honeymoon ideas is as elegant as it is sustainable—and will appeal to the personalities of every sort of canoodling couple. They range from tire spins that lead to vineyards to cruises in the most isolated locations on earth to five-star oceanfront vacations on private islands.


Hurtigruten Trips

Hurtigruten doesn’t compromise on honeymoon pleasures like outdoor heated hot tubs, a sauna and spa, gourmet dining, and extra big guest cabin accommodations.


Large balconies are great for showcasing some of the world’s most dramatic panoramas on Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, or a Pole-to-Pole sailing voyage if you have time. Hurtigruten was the first cruise line to eliminate single-use plastics, an almost unheard-of feat, and aims to add hybrid ships in the future.


Cycling Sonoma and Napa Valley

Once you reach your honeymoon destination, walk, bike, or take public transportation to travel around. Swap your car for a train, boat, or tuk-tuk. Public transportation reduces pollutants and carbon emissions, she adds. Intrepid’s Cycle Sonoma & the Napa Valley might reduce carbon emissions by 75% compared to driving.


Treehouse Mohicans

There are sustainable alternatives to air travel throughout the U.S. Mohicans Treehouse Resort is dreamy and quiet. This 77-acre luxury cabin compound between Dayton, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis has string-lit tree dwellings, cabins, and country-style cottages.


The Brando

This makes unwinding in the privacy of your thatched-roof villa, equipped with a private pool, all the more calming for you and the environment after being roasted by the sun. Additionally, Tetiaroa, the private atoll and tiny piece of paradise where couples will find themselves both absorbed and transformed by nature, and its culture are being protected by an eco-station on the property of The Brando.


Sandals Resorts

Luxurious Caribbean all-inclusive resorts emphasize sustainable, experience-rich travel that gives back. They just launched new conservation programs aimed at boosting the local population and maintaining the Caribbean’s natural ecology, so you may spend one day of your romantic vacation at a Sandals resort working and then enjoying a frozen cocktail at night. In Jamaica, honeymooners can plant 7,000 trees in the Blue and John Crow Mountains; in Grenada, divers can rehabilitate reefs; and in Turks & Caicos, tourists can replant storm-damaged mangrove forests.


Frequently asked questions

Is Brazil good for honeymoon?

Brazil is the ideal location for your honeymoon since it has such a diverse array of beautiful landscapes, charming cities, and romance ingrained in its culture.


How much do all-inclusive honeymoons cost?

An all-inclusive honeymoon typically costs between $5,000 and $8,000 per person, including airfare. We’ve planned vacations for under $2,000 and over $40,000, respectively.


What do the groom’s parents pay for?

The groom’s family is responsible for the rehearsal dinner, lodging for the groom’s attendants (if you have offered to help with this price), and sometimes corsages and boutonnieres for immediate relatives of both families.

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