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The Prettiest Candle Wedding Decoration Ideas

Candle Wedding

Okay, we’ll just say it: Candle wedding decoration is a requirement for every function connected with a wedding occasion. It is, after all, essential to a successful party. The explanation: It’s a well-known truth that individuals enjoy themselves more in darkly light spaces.

While we’re all about having a good time at the Candle Wedding event, candlelight also has another advantage that we love even more: the appearance. An open flame is breathtaking in person and on camera. Seriously, it is difficult enough to choose the favorite candle pictures. That’s because of the amber glow that is produced by all of those flickering flames, which just so happens to be universally attractive. In a candlelight room, you, your lover, and all of your visitors will appear even more attractive; think of it as the original Valencia filter. (And if you still don’t think so, feel free to ask your photographer for a second perspective.)

You may be wondering how exactly you plan to illuminate your reception room or ceremony venue. Naturally, that’s where we come in. You may see some excellent examples of candle-accented decor below.

  1. Hang Votives

The presence of votive candles suspended within geometric orbs lends an air of utter romance to the otherwise industrial setting of this wedding location. And, of course, having more pillars and votives spread out around the floor doesn’t hurt, too.


  1. Hang light fixtures and place pillar candles

You’ve probably heard the expression “more is more;” well, the Candle Wedding in Chicago is the ideal illustration of what that means. The way that the pillar candles are employed in groups on the tables as well as in the hanging light fixtures is something that really appeals to us.


  1. Use Tapered Candles and Candlesticks

It is impossible to go wrong when using a gold candlestick with a white taper candle, as demonstrated here with a lush garland of foliage, fruit accents, and miniature white votives.


  1. Brighten the Doorway

It is a good idea to shine lights around the perimeter of the area if you are going to be setting up a tent in a dark field. And if you’re going to add light anyhow, you might as well make it seem nice, right? For this reason, we recommend taking inspiration from this display, which demonstrates how a number of candles placed in glass vases can perform wonders.


  1. Utilize Dramatic Candelabras

In this setting, tall candelabras create a statement on long tables while also adding an old-world touch that works well with the historic environment. When you’re working in a location that’s as beautiful as this one, it’s best not to try to compete with it.


  1. Combine and Contrast Metallic Jugs

These streamlined little watercraft have captured our attention completely. On the wedding cake table, construct a basic yet contemporary display by mixing and matching several metallic containers, each of which should be topped with a votive candle or tea light.


  1. Set a Focal Point

Make it as easy as you can for the guests to choose their seating arrangements because it is a given that they will need to. These candles have two functions: first, they provide a lovely focal point, and second, they provide directional lighting that points toward the display of escort cards.


  1. Cover the Stairs

We are at a loss to determine whether or not this candle-lit stairway is more for show than it is for function. First of all, it is a good idea to line potentially hazardous locations (such as staircases) after dark; nonetheless, this setting is so romantic that we would be tempted to say “I do” here as well.

  1. Adjust the Height

When you spend months carefully designing the perfect tablescape, the greatest way to show off your handiwork is by incorporating candles of different heights into the arrangement. These small votives and tall black candles are the perfect complements to one another.


  1. Align the Altar With Lanterns

You may have already seen lanterns line a staircase, but these may also be used to lend a touch of romanticism to the altar. We find that they look particularly appealing when arranged in asymmetrical groupings, employing objects of varying sizes.


Frequently asked questions


How do you display candles at a wedding ceremony?

Candles can be used to enhance every aspect of your event, whether you position them in front of your altar, line the aisle, or even hang them over the reception tables.


What does a candle symbolize at the wedding?

The ceremonial acknowledgment of the bride and groom’s marriage-establishing vows through the lighting of this candle. This lone flame represents the union of two people who have made the decision to live as one instead of separate lives.


Who lights the candles at a wedding?

One of the most frequent unity rituals is undoubtedly this one. The couple often lights one giant candle from two smaller family candles during the candle-lighting ceremony. The smaller candles are traditionally lighted by each of their moms to symbolize the union of two families.


What does a candle symbolize?

Since candles have always held a special role in our society, they serve as an excellent historical link. Candles communicate messages of romance, passion, security, warmth, hope, spirituality, and mystery, to name a few, in a very special way.

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