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The Perfect Blend of Elegance: Waterfront Wedding Venue on Long Island with the Best Event Planner

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When it comes to planning your dream wedding, the location and the event planner are two of the most critical elements that can make or break your special day. Long Island, known for its stunning waterfront settings, offers an array of picturesque wedding venues. One particular gem stands out not only for its breathtaking waterfront views but also for having the best event planner in the business. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to this incredible Long Island waterfront wedding venue and the event planner that transforms dreams into reality.

A Serene Escape at Waterside Elegance

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Long Island, Waterside Elegance is a captivating waterfront wedding venue that exudes charm and sophistication. With its stunning views of the Long Island Sound, it offers a serene escape from the bustling city life. This exquisite venue provides the perfect backdrop for your special day, whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. The lush greenery, sparkling waters, and manicured lawns create a romantic atmosphere that’s hard to match.

Why Waterside Elegance Stands Out:

  1. Stunning Views: The unobstructed waterfront views make for breathtaking sunsets, providing a romantic ambiance that you and your guests will remember for years to come.
  2. Versatile Spaces: Waterside Elegance offers a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces, allowing you to customize your wedding to your unique preferences.
  3. Expertly Crafted Menus: The culinary team at Waterside Elegance is known for their delectable menus, offering a range of options to suit different palates and dietary needs.
  4. Experienced Staff: The venue’s staff is dedicated to making your wedding day as smooth and stress-free as possible, ensuring you have nothing to worry about.

The Best Event Planner in the Business

To take your wedding day from a mere event to a captivating love story, Waterside Elegance is proud to introduce you to the best event planner on Long Island – Emily Rose Events. Emily, the creative genius behind this renowned event planning company, is known for her ability to transform dreams into reality. She understands that every couple is unique and has their own vision for their special day.

Why Emily Rose Events is the Ideal Choice:

  1. Tailored Planning: Emily and her team work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and budget. They then tailor the wedding plans to match your individual style and requirements.
  2. Attention to Detail: Emily is renowned for her meticulous attention to detail. She ensures that every aspect of your wedding, from the floral arrangements to the seating chart, is executed flawlessly.
  3. Vendor Network: With years of experience, Emily has cultivated strong relationships with the best vendors in the industry, ensuring that you get top-notch services and products.
  4. Stress-Free Planning: Emily Rose Events takes the stress out of wedding planning, allowing you to enjoy the journey towards your big day without worrying about the nitty-gritty details.


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the location and the event planner you choose will play a pivotal role in making it a day to remember. Waterside Elegance on Long Island not only offers the most breathtaking waterfront views but also boasts the best event planner in the business, Emily Rose Events. Together, they create a seamless, stress-free, and enchanting wedding experience that reflects your unique love story. With Waterside Elegance and Emily Rose Events, your dream wedding is within reach, and you can look forward to a day of memories that will last a lifetime.



1. What makes Long Island a popular destination for weddings?

  • Long Island is known for its beautiful waterfront locations, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking picturesque wedding venues with stunning views.

2. What is Waterside Elegance known for as a wedding venue?

  • Waterside Elegance is renowned for its breathtaking waterfront views of the Long Island Sound, versatile event spaces, expertly crafted menus, and experienced staff dedicated to ensuring a smooth wedding day.

3. What services do event planners like Emily Rose Events offer for weddings?

  • Event planners like Emily Rose Events offer a range of services, including event design, vendor coordination, timeline management, budget planning, and more, all aimed at ensuring a stress-free and memorable wedding experience.

4. What sets Emily Rose Events apart from other event planners in the industry?

  • Emily Rose Events is known for its tailored planning approach, meticulous attention to detail, a vast network of reputable vendors, and the ability to provide a stress-free planning experience for couples.

5. Can Waterside Elegance and Emily Rose Events accommodate specific wedding themes or styles?

  • Yes, both Waterside Elegance and Emily Rose Events work closely with couples to accommodate specific wedding themes, styles, and individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and unique wedding experience.

6. How far in advance should I book a waterfront wedding venue and an event planner for my Long Island wedding?

  • It’s advisable to book your wedding venue and event planner well in advance, ideally 12-18 months before your desired wedding date, as popular venues and experienced event planners tend to have busy schedules.

7. Can I visit Waterside Elegance in person to see the venue before making a decision?

  • Yes, it’s often recommended to schedule a visit to Waterside Elegance to see the venue in person, discuss your vision, and understand the available options.

8. How can I get in touch with Emily Rose Events to inquire about their services?

  • You can typically contact Emily Rose Events through their official website or contact details provided on their website or social media profiles. You can also ask Waterside Elegance for information on how to reach out to their recommended event planner.

9. What are some additional amenities or services that Waterside Elegance offers for weddings and events?

  • Waterside Elegance may offer additional amenities and services such as on-site catering, event coordination, audio-visual equipment, and more. It’s best to inquire about these specific services during your consultation.

10. Can I request custom wedding packages that suit my budget and preferences at Waterside Elegance and Emily Rose Events?

  • Yes, both Waterside Elegance and Emily Rose Events often offer customizable wedding packages to meet your budget and preferences, ensuring that your wedding day is tailored to your unique vision.


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