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The BIG Little Holiday Parties

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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by attending the BIG Little Holiday Parties at Windows on the Lake? Nestled along the shores of Lake Ronkonkoma, this beautiful Long Island venue is set to host a series of festive events on Tuesday, December 12th, Thursday, December 7th, and Thursday, December 14th, from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Join us for a night of merriment, exquisite dining, and holiday cheer!

A Lakeside Wonderland

Windows on the Lake is renowned for its picturesque location, and during the holiday season, it transforms into a lakeside wonderland. The venue’s lush gardens and expansive windows offer breathtaking views of Lake Ronkonkoma, creating the perfect backdrop for your holiday celebrations.

Exquisite Dining

One of the highlights of these holiday parties is the culinary experience. Windows on the Lake is known for its gourmet cuisine, and the holiday season is no exception. Guests will be treated to a delectable three-course meal, featuring a variety of options to suit every palate.

Start your evening with an array of mouthwatering appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. From savory stuffed mushrooms to delicate shrimp cocktail, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds.

The main course offers a diverse selection of dishes, from succulent roasted meats to vegetarian options. The culinary team at Windows on the Lake takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that burst with flavor and holiday spirit.

Save room for dessert! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a selection of decadent treats, including rich chocolate mousse and creamy cheesecake.

Entertainment and Activities

The BIG Little Holiday Parties at Windows on the Lake are not just about food; they are a complete holiday experience. Throughout the evening, you’ll be entertained by live music, including holiday classics performed by talented musicians. Feel the holiday spirit fill the air as you enjoy the musical performances and dance the night away on the spacious dance floor.

To make the experience even more unforgettable, there are numerous holiday-themed activities and surprises planned for the night. From carolers to photo booths, each event is carefully curated to immerse you in the joy of the season.

Holiday Spirit and Decorations

Windows on the Lake spares no expense in transforming the venue into a winter wonderland. The halls will be decked with festive decorations, from twinkling lights to beautifully adorned Christmas trees. As you step into this magical world, you’ll find that the holiday spirit is in every detail, making it the perfect setting for creating cherished memories with friends, family, or colleagues.


The BIG Little Holiday Parties at Windows on the Lake are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season in style. With its stunning lakeside location, exquisite dining, live entertainment, and festive atmosphere, this venue offers an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Mark your calendar for the dates on December 7th, 12th, and 14th, from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm, and prepare to be swept away by the holiday magic at Windows on the Lake. Whether you’re planning a corporate holiday party, a family get-together, or a romantic evening out, these events promise to be a highlight of your holiday season. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make wonderful memories and embrace the holiday spirit in a truly spectacular setting. Book your tickets now and get ready to enjoy the BIG Little Holiday Parties at Windows on the Lake!


Holiday-Themed Cocktails and Beverages

To complement the scrumptious holiday meal, the bar at Windows on the Lake will be stocked with an array of holiday-themed cocktails and beverages. Sip on spiced cider, mulled wine, or enjoy a classic eggnog to keep you in the festive spirit throughout the evening. The bartenders are skilled at creating signature cocktails that capture the essence of the season, making it a delight for guests looking to toast to the holidays.

Professional Event Planning

Windows on the Lake is renowned for its exceptional event planning and execution. Whether you’re hosting a corporate holiday party, a family gathering, or a romantic dinner for two, their experienced event planners will work with you to make your holiday celebration unique and stress-free. They will assist you with everything from menu selection to decorating the venue in your chosen theme, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and is exactly as you envision it.

Capture the Memories

With the breathtaking surroundings, beautifully decorated halls, and the joyous atmosphere, the BIG Little Holiday Parties provide the ideal backdrop for capturing memories. Take advantage of the designated photo areas and photo booths to snap pictures with friends, family, or colleagues. These photos will be cherished keepsakes that you can look back on with fondness.

Variety of Seating Options

Windows on the Lake offers a variety of seating options to accommodate your group size and preferences. Whether you prefer an intimate dinner with close friends or a large gathering for your company, they can arrange the perfect seating layout for you. Enjoy the holiday feast with comfort and style, as you’re seated in a way that enhances your overall experience.

Convenient Location

Located on Long Island, Windows on the Lake is easily accessible from both New York City and surrounding areas. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a convenient and beautiful destination for their holiday celebrations. Ample parking and accessibility options ensure that you and your guests can arrive stress-free and in the holiday spirit.

Book Your Tickets Today!

The BIG Little Holiday Parties at Windows on the Lake are rapidly becoming a popular tradition for celebrating the holiday season in style. With exquisite dining, live entertainment, a festive atmosphere, and a stunning lakeside backdrop, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

To ensure you secure your spot for one of these unforgettable evenings, book your tickets early. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale holiday event, Windows on the Lake will accommodate your needs with grace and style.

Make this holiday season truly memorable by joining the festivities at Windows on the Lake. Enjoy the magic of the season with delicious food, joyful music, and holiday-themed fun. It’s time to celebrate in grand style at the BIG Little Holiday Parties – a joyful and heartwarming way to make this holiday season extra special. We’ll see you there!


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