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The Amazing Eco-Resorts for Honeymoon

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The majority of honeymoon vacations are booked as traditional packages, during which the couple and their wedding guests travel to coastal resorts to relax by the pool. However, if you’re looking for something a little bit unique to do after your wedding function, consider booking a stay at an eco-resort. Guests are instead provided with an eco-friendly holiday that won’t have a negative impact on the surrounding area, as well as the opportunity to connect more deeply with nature, themselves, and their significant other.


These eco-resorts provide newlyweds the opportunity to decompress with nature after saying “I do” with activities such as outdoor yoga, nature tours, healing ceremonies, and nourishing meals.


  1. Origins Lodge, Costa Rica

The first five-star hotel in Costa Rica’s northern rainforest gives the phrase “environmentally friendly” a whole new meaning.


Six lodges make up the property at Origins, each with handcrafted canopy beds and hot tubs on the terraces. There is also the unmatched three-bedroom Villa Vertigo, which is far more sophisticated than what is typical of an eco-lodge and gets its name from the dizzying height of its treetop position.


The location has roofs that are covered in vegetation in order to fit in with the local vegetation. On the 45-hectare main forest property, which is being actively reforested by growing new trees, no plastic nor chemical pesticides are utilized. Tours of medicinal plants, waterfall hikes, horseback rides, lagoon fishing, chocolate-making, and organic spa treatments are all available to honeymooners.


  1. Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

At this secluded, private island resort where dolphins frequently circle around, sustainability and luxurious luxury come together. There are 97 thatched-roof beach and overwater villas at Six Senses Laamu that bring the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings indoors. These villas were built using sustainable local resources. You can make use of amenities like private overwater infinity pools and sunken glass bathtubs.


You and your partner can spend your days relaxing in the resort’s luxurious accommodations, or you can go sailing, island hopping, diving, water skiing, kiteboarding, or turtle watching. The latter is protected as part of the sustainability measures, which include safeguarding seagrass meadows and manta rays.


  1. Bambu Indah, Bali

Bambu Indah is the only resort that genuinely embodies the word enchanting. This eco-boutique hotel in Bali’s valleys surrounding Ubud is unmatched by anything else. Bambu Indah is a one-of-a-kind community made up of distinctive Javanese teak cottages, treetop tents, and homes made of curved bamboo, a highly sustainable building material.


With an abundance of private corners, hanging seats suspended nets, and cushy areas for relaxing, this place is off-the-charts romantic for newlyweds. By exploring the natural routes and lakes, you and your partner can experience Mowgli’s sense of wonder. Elora Hardy, a creative local architect, created two eateries that serve regional Indonesian food cooked with organic ingredients from the retreat’s permaculture gardens.


  1. Abu Camp, Botswana

It’s difficult to think of anything more environmentally friendly than an ultra-luxurious safari lodge that can literally pack up and vanish. Six spacious tents at Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta’s Okavango Delta include huge baths, pools that overlook the lagoon, and little easels filled with watercolors and pencils. Abu Camp was built by Luxury Frontiers.


Both a solar farm and zero plastic are present on the property. The main eating room and lounge were built around lush trees and what is possibly the largest termite mound in the entire world because the designers of the tiny, immersive camp were so sensitive to nature. Because they are so comfortable, animals meander along or, in the case of monkeys, hop right up.


  1. Copal Tree Lodge, Belize

From this 16-suite eco-lodge tucked away in a 22,000-acre rainforest preserve in the Maya Mountains near Punta Gorda, Belize’s jungle is calling. The area, which is in southern Belize, is well-known for having some of Central America’s top treks. So, there is a lot of natural beauty to discover.


Due to their floor-to-ceiling tropical views, the spa-style baths at Copal Tree Lodge blend perfectly with their environment. It’s a true paradise for nature enthusiasts, who may embark on tranquil Rio Grande cruises or dive into the Caribbean for fishing or snorkeling expeditions. In addition to being a hotel and spa, it also operates a 3,000-acre sustainable, organic farm, giving visitors the chance to learn firsthand about the making of coffee, chocolate, and other culinary customs.


Frequently asked questions

Which location would be most romantic for a honeymoon?

The Amalfi Coast, the Maldives, Santorini, and Paris are some of the most popular destinations for honeymoons that take place outside of the country, but it can be difficult to pick just a few (they do call it the City of Love for a reason).


How long should the honeymoon be?

The typical honeymoon lasts seven days for most people. The duration of your honeymoon is totally up to you and your spouse; there are no set guidelines. While others select longer journeys, some couples decide to celebrate their honeymoon over a long weekend.


Which is better, the Maldives or Bora Bora?

Couples who enjoy feeling completely “off the map” and like they have an island to themselves would love the Maldives, while those who desire to feel more civilized and a part of society will prefer Bora Bora. The primary takeaway: Compared to Maldivian resorts, Bora Bora resorts will feel larger and more resort-like.

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