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Sweetheart Table Decorations with the Most Romantic Ideas

Sweet 16 Celebration

As soon as you come back up the aisle as newlyweds at Sweetheart Table, it’s highly probable that your wedding guests will rush around you in an effort to offer their congratulations to the happy couple. And why on earth not? You’re married! But when you think about all of the hours of celebration that […]

Include in Your Celebration: Black American Wedding Traditions

American Wedding

The majority of Black American Wedding are not aware of their precise ancestry. They are aware that they are a member of the African diaspora, but they are unsure of what tribe or location is responsible for their connection to Africa. Despite what they lost during their time as slaves, we created and have since […]

Wedding Lounge – Create the Best Space for Your Guest

Wedding Lounge

Couples typically spend hours planning their seats. But there’s another seating configuration that’s almost as crucial. The wedding lounge is a comfortable, stylish place for guests to rest and interact. A Wedding Lounge area offers guests a break from the excitement of wedding celebrations. If someone wants a break from drinking and dancing, they can […]