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Stunning Brides with Cascading Bouquets

Cascading Bouquets - New York Waterfront Wedding Venues

Fresh blooms are one of the most significant ways to bring your wedding day style to fruition, and they can be used in various ways, from flower crowns to corsages. When it comes to bouquets, there hasn’t been much change in terms of the forms and styles that can be considered; nevertheless, there is one trend that is making a resurgence in only the chicest of ways, and that is cascading bouquets. The royal family was largely responsible for the 1980s’ meteoric rise in popularity. The usually dramatic design has made a comeback, but in ways that are both understated and uncomplicated.

A modern-day cascade pushes the design forward in terms of trends while yet maintaining its classic status thanks to its stunning color palette. But where do you even begin when you’re trying to bring a design trend that’s been around for decades into the present era so that it’s elegant and sophisticated? When people think of cascades from previous weddings, their minds frequently go to the traditional color pallet of white and green, along with very (very) long waterfalls. An up-to-date twist on the tradition could be a cascade that is smaller but still serves the purpose of drawing attention to the complete wedding ensemble.

In the end, the flowers you choose should, first and foremost, reflect your personal style. As long as everything is done consciously and purposefully, the rules don’t matter when it comes to what you want for your wedding celebration; there is no right or wrong answer. As long as your flower designer provides you with what you want while anchoring it to the aesthetics of the day, your wedding can have a cascade, no matter how elegant, glam, bohemian, or romantic the theme of your marriage may be.

Here are several cascading bouquets design that will make heads turn as you go down the aisle, from the romantic to the contemporary.

Pick orchids

Are orchids the perfect showpieces? They are undoubtedly one of the best flowers for making a statement, though it’s not for sure. You’ll undoubtedly make a statement if you choose an orchid of any color as the cascade’s tip, especially for a tropical wedding.

Keep the large blossoms

You could be under the impression that a cascade always results in a diminishing output. However, this is not always the case. Choose blossoms with giant heads to create a whole cascade and make the strongest possible impression.

Make use of a Gradient Color

This gradient cascade arrangement features a wide variety of textured flowers to give the impression of opulence and timelessness. Play with ranunculus and checkered fritillaria to give movement at its highest point and choose to put the most saturated shades of the ombre closest to the figure, this directs the attention of the audience toward the bride in a deliberate manner.

Follow the Royals’ Lead

When it comes to wedding bouquets, the royal family, which is typically known for its lavish cascades bouquet, is serving as a big source of inspiration. This bouquet, which is made up of ivory roses and spray roses, white freesia, Italian Ruscus, white orchid blossoms, and variegated ivy, contains dense clusters of beautiful blooms, which are a royal staple, with greenery and ivy entwined throughout.

Go Faux

Use preserved flowers instead of the customary massive, white cascade that is so big and white that it practically blends in with the dress, recommends Strong. Apart from the marriage license, of course, we’re huge lovers of keeping a memory from the special day, so a bridal bouquet that endures for a long time is a tremendous success. The cascade’s texture and dimension are added by a combination of silk and dried flowers like pampas grass.

Pick Vibrant Colors

We will concede that there are instances when more is better. The use of color can be expressive and brings up an exuberant state of mind. This fuchsia arrangement features a waterfall of orchids with roses in cream, blush, red, and pink colors, and it is a perfect example of how to pack a floral punch with vibrant color.

Go green

When it comes to bouquets, we have always enjoyed giving the spotlight to various types of foliage. A contemporary arrangement of calla lilies, tulips, scabiosa, gardenia, and stephanotis is beautifully accentuated by the use of lush greenery such as smilax to create a cascade.

Opt for Peach

A color scheme that is dominated by peach can only signify one thing: spring has here in full force. As a breath of fresh air for a romantic outdoor wedding, try including peach-colored flowers such as peonies, orchids, garden roses, and ranunculus into your floral arrangements.

Embellish with Ribbon

When it comes to bouquets, we adore having a little something extra, and cascading bouquets are no exception to this rule. The effect of a cascading bouquets being lengthened is made even more dramatic by the addition of a few strands of silk ribbon that are knotted around the bouquet.

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Frequently asked questions

Are cascading bouquets more expensive?

Cascading bridal bouquets are often on the more expensive end of the spectrum when it comes to wedding bouquets. The creation of a bouquet of this kind is typically more intricate and requires more time and attention, which results in an increase in cost.

How many flowers do cascading bouquets require?

A gorgeous cascading wedding bouquet can be fashioned with the assistance of a bouquet holder and a weighty vase. You will need approximately 15 flowers with long stems, such as roses, peonies, or hydrangeas, in addition to approximately 12 flowers with shorter stems, such as calla lilies, lavender, or orchids.

What do you do with the cascading bouquets after a wedding?

A dry place like a closet is ideal for storing the stems or the bouquet in an inverted position. Hold off on using them for at least a week, particularly if the climate is on the chilly side. After that, you can arrange them in a vase without adding any water or even make a wreath for yourself to appreciate, embellishing it with the ribbon that was attached to your bouquet.

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