Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY

Pyrotechnic Display at Midnight Windows on the Lake


New Year’s Eve is always a special occasion that brings joy, happiness, and plenty of celebration. This New Year’s Eve, experience something spectacular and unique with the amazing Pyrotechnic Display at windows on the lake! Enjoy the incredible light show as you bask in its beauty while taking in the peacefulness of the lake.

The dazzling display will be sure to make your New Years’ unforgettable. Make it a night to remember by gathering around with family or friends and experiencing this one-of-a-kind spectacle.

Whether you want to start off your New Year with some excitement or spend a romantic evening under fireworks, windows on the lake has got you covered. With its stunning Pyrotechnic Display, windows on the lake is ready to make your New Year’s celebration even more special. So this New Year’s Eve, come experience the breathtaking Pyrotechnic Display at windows on the lake – it’s sure to be a night you won’t forget!


New Year’s Eve is a special day, and celebrating it with a pyrotechnic display in front of the windows on the lake is particularly spectacular. As midnight approaches, watch from the picturesque view as fireworks light up the sky above you. The blasts of light and sound will create an atmosphere of anticipation for all to enjoy. Gather around with friends and family as you make New Year’s resolutions and toast to 2022.

Make this New Year’s Eve one to remember by witnessing this beautiful Pyrotechnic Display at midnight windows on the lake! So, come and join us for New Year’s Eve 2022 – a night to remember! We look forward to celebrating with you. Let’s ring in the New Year with a firework show of the century! Cheers to 2022!


What is the Pyrotechnic Display?

The Pyrotechnic Display is a spectacular light show featuring fireworks and other pyrotechnics at windows on the lake. This New Year’s Eve event promises to be one of a kind!

Where will the Pyrotechnic Display take place?

The Pyrotechnic Display will take place at midnight windows on the lake.

When is New Year’s Eve 2022?

New Year’s Eve 2022 is December 31, 2022. Don’t miss out on this incredible event!

What should I expect from New Year’s Eve 2022?

You can expect an unforgettable night full of fun and entertainment with the amazing Pyrotechnic Display! New Year’s Eve at midnight windows on the lake is a night to remember. Gather around with family and friends and make New Years resolutions as you watch the fireworks light up the sky above you. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style this year – join us for a night of fun, music, and an incredible light show! Cheers to 2022!


Is the Pyrotechnic Display safe for people of all ages?

Yes, the Pyrotechnic Display is safe for people of all ages. Windows on the lake takes safety seriously and will be taking extra precautions to ensure everyone enjoys a fun and safe New Year’s Eve experience. Please adhere to any rules or regulations that are in place at the time of the event.

Is there an admission fee?

No, there is no admission fee. So come join us for New Year’s Eve 2022 – it’s sure to be a night you won’t forget!

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