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Private, Iconic, and Romantic NYC Proposal Ideas and Locations

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Ring? Check. Where in New York might one go to make a romantic proposal? Check. Here is a list of the best places to propose in New York City, including options that are suitable for tourists as well as people who live in the city. These locations are ideal for people who are looking for a romantic and iconic setting that embodies New York City, as well as for people who want a more low-key and private setting away from other people. Here are some of the most creative ideas to get your partner in the best way in New York City, also including suggestions for activities and settings that are one-of-a-kind.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

There is no substitute for Brooklyn Bridge Park when you are searching for views of New York City, which makes it one of the finest places to propose in New York if you are seeking a location that will be memorable and iconic for your special moment. You will have a front-row seat to observe the world-famous skyline of Manhattan from this location in Brooklyn, which is located across the East River from Manhattan. You will also be able to see both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. A promenade winds its way down the water’s edge, providing an abundance of opportunities to stop at one of the benches and pose an inquiry. As an added benefit, the neighboring district of DUMBO has become very hip in the past few years; there, you will discover a large number of restaurants and bars ideal for celebrating your engagement after a “yes.”

You can also get amazing views of Manhattan from the neighboring place of Queens if you travel there. Gantry State Park in Long Island City is situated on twelve redeveloped acres of riverfront land and was formerly used as a shipyard. When you do the deed, go just before dusk to grab the golden hour.

  1. Top of the Rock

Although it is possible to see skyscrapers from a variety of sites in New York City, the observation deck of the Empire State Building atop the Top of the Rock provides a perspective that is unlike any other in the city. If you want more privacy, you should arrive early in the day rather than waiting until sunset, when the area is often highly crowded.


  1. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Borough Park)

Because of its 52 acres of verdant beauty, including flowering plants, a lily pond, and a tranquil Japanese zen garden, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a leading candidate for one of the most romantic proposal settings in New York City to get your partner. Over 14,000 different kinds of plants can be found in this garden, which is situated in Brooklyn next to Prospect Park. Additionally, there are dozens of breathtaking areas where visitors can drop down on their knees and pray.

alternatives include the gardens of St. Luke in the Fields and the 91st Street Garden in Riverside Park. Visit a smaller neighborhood community garden in a less-trodden area, such as these options in the West Village and Upper West Side, if you don’t need hundreds of acres of fieldage to impress and would like the possibility of more privacy. These types of gardens are located in the West Village and Upper West Side.

  1. Either the Bow Bridge or Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

In light of Central Park’s breadth and scope, it is quite doubtful that a suitable spot for popping the question would not be found. However, there are sections that receive a lot of foot traffic, while others see no visits at all. Visitors will undoubtedly flock to Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace, two of the city’s most prominent landmarks. The Bridge, with its interconnecting rings of rings, and the Terrace, with its multicolored mosaic tile ceiling and painted archways, both have extensive décor. The Bridge connects these two destinations.

a ramble through Central Park that includes stops at the Conservatory Garden and a ramble through the park

If you want to get away from the crowds, head to the Conservatory Garden or the Ramble. A traditional English garden with beautiful flowers and fountains, the Conservatory Garden is located uptown, which precludes many visitors from making the trip. An area of the park known as the Ramble is a peaceful and wooded area that is less developed and maintained than other areas of the park.

  1. New York City’s famous Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since the Met is the largest art museum in the United States, you will have plenty of options to choose from when selecting an exhibit to kneel in front of. My personal favorite is the Temple of Dendur, which is located in Egypt and is composed of sandstone and features a vast temple, an artificial river, and soaring glass windows.

Do you want to make your romantic proposal under the night sky? Visit the planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, which is known as the Hayden Planetarium. In the Star Theater, an individualized Zeiss Star Projector system creates a realistic simulation of the night sky as it appears from the surface of the Earth. Your significant other will never anticipate such a fantastic proposal in the middle of the day, and they will be completely taken aback by it.

Frequently asked questions

Is New York a good place to propose?

New York City is a popular site to propose; we capture many per week. It can be difficult to come up with NYC proposal concepts and plan the details. So many lovely places to visit!

How much does it cost to propose the Edge NYC?

$36 to $73 New Yorkers get a discount. Private bookings before 7.30 am are possible. You can toast your proposal at a nearby bar as well.

Can you propose at the Empire State Building?

The Empire State Building has hosted many love tales throughout its history, and we’re excited to provide an exclusive, romantic, and bespoke proposal experience. “Happily, Ever Empire” costs $1,000 per couple.

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