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Planning Ideas and Tips to Maintain Eco-Friendly Wedding

Eco-Friendly Wedding

As environmental awareness grows, more and more couples are choosing environmental ceremonies. Couples that care about the environment go above and above to plan an eco-friendly affair. If you have a particular place in your heart for the environment, let everyone know about it and make it the focus of your D-day. Before we go any further, allow us to burst your bubble and say that eco-friendly wedding is NOT dull and unattractive.

Even while eco-friendly weddings have been popular for a long, it is only now that organizing one is not as difficult. More than ever, there are many possibilities for hosting an eco-friendly wedding. You may go green for your wedding in a variety of ways, whether it’s with the wedding decor, wedding invitations, or favours. The wonderful thing about these weddings is that every choice, no matter how small, matters. Simply substituting dried flower confetti for party poppers will significantly improve the environment and make your wedding eco-friendlier.

So, if you’re wondering how to organize an eco-friendly celebration, we’ve included some suggestions below. Some of the most effective and realistic strategies to have an eco-friendly wedding are listed here.

  1. Marriage cards

You might use e-invites if you want to minimize the constant waste of plastic and paper that comes with printed wedding invitations. People are becoming accustomed to the practice of email and WhatsApp invites, and these digital invitations are no longer considered casual invitations. The design possibilities for e-invite templates are virtually limitless, and you can often create them for free on certain websites, which saves you a significant amount of money.

However, there is an environmentally responsible option if you still want to use printed invitations: seed paper invites. These invitations are made of degradable paper that contains seeds that may subsequently be sown in the ground.

  1. Choose vegan cosmetics

Using cruelty-free cosmetics for your wedding is another method to make sure it’s an environmentally responsible event. Check out this blog to learn about some companies that sell vegan cosmetics.

  1. Utmost use of the wedding venue

Making the most of the wedding location is another approach to avoid harming the environment, especially if it is being held outside. If your location has a large tree, dress it up with unusual decorations or use it as a courtyard or a backdrop for pictures.

  1. Select reusable decorative items

Sustainability and reusability are the two most important aspects of being environmentally conscious. You can arrange your wedding in an environmentally conscious manner while still giving it a charmingly earthy air by placing potted plants in the centre of each table as part of the centrepieces. You may even have handwritten blackboard signs developed specifically for the signage that can be scraped off and rewritten in a different way.

  1. Plan a daytime wedding

Having a day wedding is the greatest choice to be environmentally friendly because night festivities need heavy usage of electricity and fuel-powered generators. For daytime outdoor events, there is no artificial lighting present. It will again help you save a ton of money and power if continued in decent weather, i.e., not during the summer.

  1. Manage food waste sensibly

To put it another way, step it up! A great deal of the food that is prepared for wedding receptions gets thrown away. However, rather than simply throwing it out, you can consider giving it to a charitable organization instead. There are a number of groups who, on a purely charitable basis, go around to wedding venues and collect any extra food that is served and then give it to those in need. Make sure that your caterer is aware of this information so that they can produce the appropriate packaging.

  1. Wedding charms

The giving of wedding favours to the guests has become an increasingly important aspect of the ceremony. There is a wide variety of options available, ranging from favours that are one-of-a-kind to ones that your guests will really put to use. However, if you want to demonstrate that you care about the environment, you might think about buying them eco-friendly wedding presents such as seeds, saplings, plantable paper cards, bamboo toothbrushes, jute bags, and other items along those lines.

Frequently asked question

How may a wedding affect the environment?

According to the Green Bride Guide, a typical wedding generates 63 tons of CO2 and 400 pounds of trash. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings annually, it amounts to almost 1 billion lbs of waste and as many emissions on a single day as 4 individuals would generate in a whole year.

What is eco-friendly to throw at a wedding?

Have a lavender toss, or try tossing flower petals. Even dried flowers are sometimes used by couples as wedding decor. There are also lovely green foliage and herbs for additional environmentally friendly wedding farewell suggestions.

How do I make my wedding carbon neutral?

You may reduce the meal’s carbon footprint by minimizing the distance that the food must travel before it gets to you. Additionally, you’ll discover that many eco-friendly wedding venues provide catering services, one of which is ensuring that the food is locally produced.

What colours go with green for a wedding?

When combined with other pale colours like pink, peach, and lilac, sage green looks stunning. Pair it with neutrals for a sleek, understated feel if you’re hosting an autumn or winter wedding.

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