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Pampas Grass: Innovative Uses for Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

When it comes to the latest developments in wedding decorations, pampas grass is one of our top choices. It has been popular for a few years now, and there are no signs that it will stop being fashionable any time soon! The tall, tufted grasses that are typically seen growing along riverbanks and cliff sides are a wheat-colored tint, and they have a soft, airy character that can provide instant texture to anything from a bouquet to a ceremony scene.

Any event with an earthy or bohemian-inspired aesthetic would benefit greatly from the use of pampas grass due to its size and volume, which makes it ideal for larger-scale installations. However, despite the fact that it is most frequently linked with a bohemian style, it is recently been utilized in Wedding Decorations events that are more modern, minimalistic, and even romantic. The fact that it can be used in a variety of settings and has the power to alter the appearance of an area makes it an obvious choice for people who seek an alternative to the traditional use of plants and flowers.

Below, you’ll find some absolutely amazing instances of the trend in action.


  1. Make Your Environment Better

Even though pampas grass can be utilized in a range of environments, our preference lies with a desert or mountain landscape that is embellished with pampas grass. Why? The appearance and feel of the grasses contribute to the overall ambiance of the ceremony without detracting from the all-natural charm of the surrounding area.


  1. Explore Color Blocking

Consider utilizing brightly colored blocks as pillars to exhibit pampas, grass, and flowers that are entwined with greenery to create a contemporary ceremony backdrop that still has some of the event’s traditional allure. Want more pampas? You can make use of a scaled-down version of these blocks as well as floral arrangements.


  1. Arrange the Bar

We cannot get enough of this old truck that has been converted into a mobile Prosecco bar, and we especially adore the jugs of pampas grass that are used as an additional decorative material. Another reason why we are such fans of pampas grass is that even when used in modest quantities, it is still able to make a significant impact.


  1. Create a Stand-Alone Altar

As a backdrop for the gorgeous event that took place in Tuscany, the florists created a semicircle out of luxuriant pampas grass. These grasses give off an ethereal vibe when utilized both singly and in large numbers in an outdoor ceremony because of the elegant way they flutter in the breeze.


  1. Swing Arrangements

This reception tent has been transformed into an Instagram-worthy party venue by the addition of mismatched rattan lights and clusters of hanging pampas grass. The grass is also incorporated into tall centerpieces, which match the clusters that are hung from the ceiling. Additionally, the neutral tone of this color palette is tied together with various colors of taupe and wood.


  1. Add Some Contemporary Touches

Combine pampas grass with a piece of modern Wedding Decorations, such as this attention-grabbing starburst, to create a backdrop for the wedding that is equal parts modern and bohemian style. Large glass jugs containing uncomplicated pampas grass arrangements can be arranged by your florist in a way that is both contemporary and unobtrusive, and it won’t break your wedding budget.


  1. Go Completely Boho

Embrace the free-spirited spirit of the bohemian era by using king proteas, pampas grass, and eucalyptus in your floral arrangements. Then, bring it all up a notch by incorporating Persian rugs of varying dimensions and shapes into the mix.


  1. Organize a Monochromatic Palette

We adore the concept of adopting a muted color palette and a wide variety of natural textures in order to avoid clashing with the abundant vegetation that will be present at a tropical wedding. The pampas grass centerpieces contain both dried and fresh materials, and they echo the rest of the decor with tones of taupe, beige, and ivory. This allows the vibrantly lush green backdrop of palms to speak for itself.


  1. Enterance with a Declaration

To add some flair to the tented celebration, create a swoon-worthy passageway by decorating it with pampas grass, roses, and lanterns (hey, photo opportunity!). This will ensure that the visitors are excited—even before they enter the location that will be used for the reception party!


  1. Touch up the Cake

Who is to say that pampas grass has no place on a cake? For a little more texture, dress up your Wedding Decorations cake with this fluffy grass, or ask your florist to decorate your dessert table with little vases filled with it.

Frequently asked questions

Is pampas grass in Style 2022?

Versatile. In 2018, dried pampas grass first swept the globe. However, the trend is still in full bloom as 2022 draws near. Because of how adaptable pampas grass is, it is utilized by celebrities, influencers, florists, and designers worldwide, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


How long does pampas grass last after the cut?

Pampas grass is a fantastic alternative because it lasts for approximately 3 years after being cut. The dried pampas grass stems are very popular for bouquet designs and wedding centerpieces.


Is dried pampas grass messy?

Age actually improves it, which isn’t true of most plants. Its messiness is the only major drawback; therefore, we would advise lightly misting it with hairspray to prevent it from scattering seeds all over the place.

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