Enhance Your Events By Choosing Exquisite Outdoor Venues

Your hunt to find the right Outdoor Venue in New York City is over! Regardless of your event type, we have highly versatile outdoor venues waiting just for your selection to add more charm to your event. With us by your side, all you need to do is focus solely on the celebration. We understand the cumbersome task to roam around the city to find that perfect outdoor venue. We would love to handle that part for your event!

At Windows on the Lake, as the name suggests, we are the specialist in providing an exceptional wedding venue. It's not just weddings; we have the right outdoor venue regardless of your event type. We strive to provide you with full-service event planning to make your event imagination an unbelievably precise reality. Whether it is design, specific production, catering, or any such planning services, our in house team have got you covered. All you need to do is just share your requirements of how you want the event to be, and we will breathe life into the details of the outdoor ceremony.

All we want is to create an unforgettable experience for each of our clients. We craft events per the unique requirements of our clients, along with providing them with outdoor event spaces and Venues that they can choose from. We tailor each detail of the event to provide 100% satisfaction. This way, you can have peace of mind and enjoy the event to its fullest. Contact us today to find a pristine waterfront venue in NYC.

An Unforgettable Wedding Experience

"I Do" are words that hold tremendous importance in people's lives. On this special day, people often want everything to be special. It includes the venue as well. Venues play a crucial role in the event's success regardless of type. But the busy schedule just does not permit them to make time and look into the details of every wedding. This should not spoil the image of your wedding.

Whether you opt for an intimate wedding or a grand wedding in NYC, we have the right venue for you. What if you get to choose an exquisite outdoor venue for your wedding? How about the Waterfront Wedding venue? That blue hue of the water around complemented the wedding dress of the bride. We empower you to brace waterfront views at their best.

Out teams have been part of thousands of weddings and gained tremendous experience out of it. We insist you leverage our expertise to make your big day unlike any other wedding you have been to. We have the resource, foreknowledge and everything that we need to make your dream wedding a reality. We offer detailed customization options to make your dream wedding uniquely yours!

Further, we enable you to add various elements owing to perfect event planning to the venues like waterside gazebo leverage embrace nature's beauty. Imagine an outdoor venue with a wedding pavilion with water in its backdrop, an open-air pier providing an open-air walkway, the venue with a grotto for your guest's relaxation or how about an event cruise?

Won't that make it a dream wedding?

A Strong First Impression of Your Corporate Event

Are outdoor events only great for a wedding? Nope. They are just the right choice for any event. We have witnessed people choosing outdoor venues for the craziest Special Events, including formal corporate events.

Not all corporate events are meets! Like that, not all the corporate event venues have to be the same formal boring places! How about having holiday dinners with your employees at an outdoor venue among nature's elements and under the sky? We enable you to reflect on your personality and style through your unconventional choice of venue for your corporate event. Won't that leave a long-lasting positive impact on your client? If you are looking to break the choice of conventional venues for your corporate premier waterfront event venue, you are looking for:

We Execute Your Plan

A plan can never turn into reality unless it is executed, so it is through a party or your dream wedding. Right from the start, with having a list of perfect outdoor venues as per your requirement to fill in the details, we believe in working with perfection in everything.

We work to achieve results beyond client expectations!

Form catering to themes and decorations, we ensure everything is done on time and just the way you want it. You name it, and we get it done. Our prompt team of professionals will work their backs off to execute the details of your imagination. We are comfortable working with constraints, whether it be a small budget or accommodations. We strive to offer you affordable options as per your budget with the availability of customization in various aspects. We will ensure to provide you with a list of outdoor venues that suit your guest capacity requirements.

Let us together concoct an event that you and your guests would remember for life!