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New York City Winter Wedding Venues

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The sky’s color changes as the winter months come and go, and the aroma of pine and fireplaces wins our hearts. For its romance, charm, and warmth despite the cold, the winter season is simple to fall in love with. We are aware of this as the primary motivation behind the high number of winter weddings.


When you decide to get married in the winter, you have a lot of options for locations and caterers. Since summer is the largest wedding season, booking the venue and vendors you want in the winter can often be considerably simpler. Today, we’ll take a look at a few New York locations that really shine throughout the winter and exude the joy and awe that every winter bride dreams of. There is no disputing that walking through the city during the coldest months of the year has a certain enchantment to it. Winter in New York is beloved throughout the world. Additionally, New York is stunning on the inside as well as the outside. These locations warmly welcome you inside, providing the ideal setting for creating your own winter paradise.


Liberation Warehouse

The Liberty Warehouse on Pier 41 is a little-known gem that may be found in the middle of historic Red Hook in Brooklyn. The 15,000-square-foot space, which was constructed in the 1850s, had a recent makeover so that it can host a wide variety of stunning events. In addition to providing stunning vistas of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor, the Liberty Warehouse also features a waterfront walkway that is perfect for capturing photographs. Inside the Liberty Warehouse, there are three separate interior sections that are available to use: The governor’s Room, The Harbor Room, and The Bridge Room. Each of these areas has its own individual personality and color design. Every room boasts soaring high ceilings, tall windows, and exposed brick and wood ceilings for a touch of the outdoorsy, rustic feel. This large-scale site emits a domestic ambiance because of its use of warm color tones, old wood features, and hardware.


Ronkonkoma, Windows on the Lake (new york)

Windows on the Lake is widely regarded as one of the best waterfront wedding venues on Long Island. This gorgeous wedding venue is located on the shores of Long Island’s largest lake, which will provide the backdrop for your destination wedding to be a picturesque waterfront scene. A lovely location by the water allows for breathtaking backdrops for wedding photographs, as well as romantic ceremonies at sunset and a day that will be really unforgettable. A wedding would benefit greatly from having floor-to-ceiling windows in the stunning ballroom, as these windows do an excellent job of creating an intimate and romantic ambiance. A tropical paradise in the middle of Long Island, which some people compare to a destination wedding and which is our hidden mystical gem right here on Long Island, is created by the free-flowing palm trees that are located throughout the site.


Brooklyn Winery

When compared to the atmosphere at other venues in New York, this one has a really unique and detached quality. Even though it’s in the center of Williamsburg, with taxis and tourists milling around just outside, it feels like you’ve entered a completely different universe the moment you walk through the front doors.


The Brooklyn Winery creates the atmosphere of a rustic hamlet in the middle of the metropolis. When you go through those two massive oak doors, you immediately get the sense that you have been taken to another location. Wood-paneled walls, repurposed shiplap tables, and a garden atrium. Of course, a working vineyard contributes to the ambiance of an intimate and romantic setting that is both immersive and absolutely one-of-a-kind.


The Brooklyn Wintery creates an atmosphere that is eerily reminiscent of being deep within the woods, thanks to its use of wooden wall panels, wine barrels, seats, and picnic tables. Because of this, it is an excellent possibility for a winter wedding location for brides who are searching for a rustic and woodsy atmosphere at their ceremony. The Brooklyn Wintery, with its intimate booths and vintage lighting, beckons for the addition of warm candlelight and festive decorations, and it is all set to play host to a one-of-a-kind winter event.


Frequently asked questions:

How much does a New York City wedding location cost?

In the metropolitan area, the expenditures associated with location alone range from $3,672 to $6,120.


What time of year is ideal for a winter wedding?

Early in December can be busy, so give your guests plenty of notice. While individuals tend to have more availability in January, you might not get the holiday party vibe if that’s what you’re looking for. The last three days of December tend to be particularly popular dates.


When is a wedding the most economical to have?

March is a borderline month with weather that is less dependable, making it a fantastic time of year to schedule a wedding because venue rates are reduced practically everywhere during this time of year. In many parts of the country, April and May are considered to be high season; however, if you look in locations that have a longer winter, you may be able to discover venues at a more inexpensive price.

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