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Mountain Weddings: Ideas to Host in Innovative Ways

Mountain Weddings

The mountains are the ideal location to formally declare your marriage if you’re searching for it. Can you picture saying “I do” to your special someone while looking for Mountain Weddings out over a picturesque alpine landscape? Or, even better, exchanging vows while looking out over the rest of the world from the summit.

Hosting your big day in the mountains has so much to offer in addition to the breathtaking scenery. You will escape the rush of daily life and seek consolation in nature by immersing yourself in the high area. Mountainous weddings offer plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, whether it be hiking, biking, skiing, or fishing, making them ideal for active or outdoorsy couples.

A simple strategy always wins out when in doubt. The least amount of work is required for mountain weddings, according to Talker. “Nature speaks for itself loudly enough.”

There are endless ways to include a tribute to Mother Nature into your wedding decor while utilizing the surroundings, from your wedding stationery suite to your wedding bar arrangement.

Here are some additional decorating ideas for a romantic wedding in the mountains.

  1. Find a suitable Tone

Wedding invitation cards are the primary means of introduction to your ceremony; therefore, this is the finest chance to hone your aesthetic. Paint your stationery suite in shades of green, brown, orange, and gray to match your event’s natural color scheme. Include a greenery-themed envelope liner, seal your invitations with mountain stamps, and add a mountain illustration to your cardstock to further emphasize your theme.

  1. Dress Naturally by Including Accents

Your choice of clothing can also convey a message to your surroundings. The greatest wedding attire for a vow exchange in the mountains is one with floral appliques or one with a vine design embroidered on it. To inject a little romance into your wedding, use a dress made of lace or tulle. Go the bespoke way if you just can’t seem to discover the ideal appearance for your surroundings.


  1. Use ghost chairs

Anyone getting married in an alpine venue will want the scenery to be the main attraction throughout the wedding ceremony. Set ghost chairs around your altar to let the decor shine. This acrylic seating arrangement complements the surroundings rather than overpowering them. If you’re being married in the spring or summer, make sure you have enough greenery to complement the mountainous area.

  1. Take Stunning Photographs

The scenery in the mountains is so varied, ranging from vast meadows and dense woods to rushing rivers and lakes. Take a stroll in the natural setting to admire the beauty and take some amazing pictures. Photographing in the great outdoors will not only record the breathtaking scenery but also the pleasure and delight you are experiencing. Your wedding album will take you right back to that time every time you look through it.


  1. On your bar, portray a scenario

Why not make the bar the major draw for your guests as they will spend a lot of time there?  The couples undertake a sketch of the scenery to be painted on their bar at their wedding in Aspen, Colorado. Offer a variety of regional alcoholic beverages, such as local beers and spirits, to go the extra mile.

  1. Serve beverages on a boat

If self-serve drink stations are more your style, fill a wooden boat with coolers of wine, beer, and seltzer. Using a boat as a decorative beverage container conjures up images of a tranquil boat journey over the mountains because the best mountain locations feature lakes. If anything, your guests will be impressed by the creative bar alternative.

  1. Dine while admiring the view

Make sure to hold your celebratory feast with a view of the rolling hills because the location itself makes for the best adornment at mountain weddings. Keep the decor simple, the color scheme basic, and the centerpieces low to highlight the mountains. The natural wonder will also be enhanced by lush blossoms.

  1. A Bonfire to End the Night

One of the most well-liked hobbies in the Mountain Weddings is camping. Host a campfire at the end of the night to create a comfortable mood. A fire will keep everyone warm because mountainous areas frequently experience frigid evenings. Never forget to stock up on graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows since s’mores are a must-have at any bonfire!


  1. Use natural touches

A tented reception with natural decorations is another choice for al fresco eating. The forested surroundings are perfectly complemented by neutral touches like wooden seats and rattan lights. Additionally, you can achieve your goal by creating centerpieces with locally grown flowers and greenery wrapped around hanging light fixtures. A tent will also shield you and your visitors from any unpredictability in the weather.


Frequently asked questions

What’s the best month to get married?

The months of May to October are the most popular times to be married. More specifically, September leads with 16 percent, June is second with 15 percent, and October is third with 14 percent. This indicates that Fall/Autumn and Summer are the busiest times for weddings.


Can you get married on a mountain?

On a mountain, you can get married without a doubt. Finding the right mountain and mapping out your ascent is all that is needed.

How do you plan an elopement in the mountains?

  • Pick a mountainous area for your elopement
  • Engage your suppliers
  • Apply for your license and permissions for marriage
  • Put your plans in writing
  • Make your timetable
  • packages for mountain elopements

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