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Impress Your Guests with These Stunning Wedding Bar Designs!


Unsurprisingly, the bar is the most crowded area at any reception. Chances are your guests will head straight for the bar, wherever it may be, after finishing their joyful flute of champagne. Your visitors will congregate here, sample your carefully chosen signature cocktail  Wedding Bar, and frequently return throughout the evening. And because it is certain that this location will be well-liked, why not make it a site to remember?

After all, including the bar area in your overall design plan may result in financial savings. Who needs a flower wall, for instance, if your bar is decorated with flowers? Additionally, if you use signature graphics here (a monogram insignia, for example), you won’t need them elsewhere. But first, you need to think about a few things with that in mind. One is that the atmosphere of your wedding venue should be complemented by your wedding bar. If your event is in a ballroom, you don’t want a rustic wooden design, and if it’s a romantic garden party, you don’t want a dark circle display.


Here are some stunning ideas for your wedding bar designs

  1. Make Your Bar Your Center of Attention

When designing the layout for a wedding reception held under a tent in the summer, one of the preferred design elements to include is a bar that serves as both a focal point and a gathering space. Plan the layout of your event area such that it is conducive to the configuration of your bar, whether it takes place inside or outside.


  1. Include Decorative Elements

An enjoyable approach to incorporating a meaningful element into your happy hour is to adorn the facade of your cocktail bar with a pattern that was taken from your wedding invitations. Crests and botanical prints are particularly unexpected and interesting, and they may amp up the design aspect while cocktails are being served.


  1. Never Undervalue Your Design

As a popular area of your floor layout, your bar should be taken into account when making other wedding decor decisions. Employee a unique bar front that created the impression of old-world elegance to suit the venue’s aesthetic as the bar was a focal point underneath the tent. Then, to complete the bar aesthetic, add a boxwood wall backdrop and two enormous urns filled with complementary flowers and greenery.


  1. Bring the Outside Within

If you want your tented celebration in a ballroom to feel more like an outside event, here is a clever suggestion you may use. If you are interested in the concept of constructing a full hedge of greenery on your own, the majority of rental providers even offer fake options available.


  1. Try Different Shapes

Think about a round bar, like this one that was specially made for a Vermont hillside wedding. A round bar is an excellent technique to reduce lines during cocktail hour since it not only has a spectacular visual impact (and a “wow” factor), but it also allows customers to move around freely from all angles while still having complete access to a cool cocktail.


  1. Make Seasonal Decor a Priority

Be mindful of the weather when holding a cocktail hour outside in the summer. I tend to steer clear of dark, hefty furniture and lean toward linen and light hues instead. Additionally, remember to consider drinks that will assist your guests in cooling off, such as a signature vodka cocktail or a chilled glass of rose.


  1. Utilize Flowers as Toppings

Although flowers and herbs make lovely additions to a space when used as decoration, you can take things to the next level by repurposing your bouquets as garnishes. It will incorporate the natural aesthetic of the surrounding table straight into the drink itself.


  1. Create a double-sided bar

A double-sided bar allows your bartenders to operate more effectively and serve your customers’ beverages faster because nobody loves to wait in line at the bar. In order to assist guests in making drink decisions before visiting the bar, people also chose to have a sizable bar menu fastened directly to the bar.


  1. Give Visitors Creative Flexibility

Guests will have the opportunity to craft their own drink based on their own preferences if a “Rose Your Way bar” or another similar concept is provided at the event. The guests select a rose with a flavor profile that best matches their personalities, and they top it off with candied flower petals that are edible.


  1. Using a Bar Back, Get Innovative

By adding a touch of cozy gray to your conventional white bar and completing the design with a rustic bar back, you can create a summer garden-chic look. By using a bar back, you may expand the area on the bar and add another surface to the summer garden motif by adding subtle touches of flora and candlelight.


Frequently asked questions

How do you set up a wedding bar?

  • Connect With the Location
  • Try Something New
  • Choose Your Beverages Wisely
  • Select A Great Bartender
  • Keep in mind the finishing touches


Which three components make up the bar?

The front bar, the back bar, and the under bar are the three main components of a bar. One portion of the front bar supports your drink. The back bar is frequently on the wall behind the front/under the bar so that goods or commodities can be exhibited, while your bartender’s tools are frequently under the bar.


How tall should bars be?

Commercial bars are typically 42 inches high from the floor to the top of the bar. The average height of men and women, which is 5 feet and 4 inches, must be taken into account. Consider a barstool to match the height of the bar as well.

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