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Ideas for Whimsical Garden Wedding to Inspire Your Special Day

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Garden Wedding have always been a source of romantic inspiration for lovers, writers, and artists alike, but these locations aren’t just for the purpose of a standard celebration. There have been plenty of happy couples who have devised creative methods to incorporate their green thumbs into every aspect of their wedding occasion, from the centerpieces to the food.

Swap out the flora for some modern whimsy, or give the lounge area of a garden party a desert-inspired makeover. Who is to say that the indoors can’t have a little bit of the great outdoors? Any area can be transformed into the enchanted garden you’ve been daydreaming of with only a little bit of creative thinking and effort.

Continue reading for some garden wedding ideas that would be perfect for your special day celebration:

Dress Up Your Hair with Flowers

You might wear a floral crown to accentuate your veil or your locks, or, for a more carefree look, you could simply tuck flowers into your strands in a haphazard manner (yes, this trend is still having a moment).

Convert a Concrete Jungle

It is possible for an industrial setting to create feelings of being in a garden, particularly of the succulent sort. This plentiful wall of desert foliage that serves double duty as a textural backdrop is enhanced by the addition of a copper arch that is decorated with dusty blue and pink flowers; nonetheless, its presence does not detract from the overall effect.

Put Moss to Good Use

Flowers are always a good choice for decoration, but have you ever considered using moss to make a statement? This Atlanta wedding had an organic altar that was both a piece of art and an optical illusion. The altar gave the impression that it had grown spontaneously in its surrounding environment. Instead, it is constructed with moss and vines that wrap the couple in the center.

Decorate the Center of the Aisle with Flowers

You can add some enchantment to your wedding aisle by placing a runner of fresh petals in the colors of your wedding down the center of it. To add more to its allure? Include some cones of white rose petals for guests to toss as a celebratory gesture toward the newlyweds’ couple.

Initiate a Windfall

Handmade fans that double serve as the ceremony program are a great way to keep visitors comfortable during outdoor ceremonies. This depiction of the site, with its citrus and aquamarine color scheme (for a natural summer aesthetic), as well as the tree-planting ceremony included among the day-of treats, has our hearts fluttering with excitement.

Get photo moments

It is not necessary to bring in a flower wall; instead, take advantage of the backdrops that your location provides, such as this arrangement of clay pots and succulents. In contrast to the soft tones and plants of varying heights and widths, the bride’s timeless gown and the groom’s dapper tux really stand out. The venue is both tactile and funky.

Place it in Mother Nature’s hands

Incorporate your venue’s flora into your design. It is both friendly to the environment (there is less paper, and more natural) and fun to do. Take, for instance, this vintage tropical garden wedding, which features a large palm leaf scribbled in metallic ink with the drink list for the bar, and an installation consisting of the same brilliant palms hanging above the reception area.

Get Flowery with It

Don’t stop at the bouquet; go all out with your floral arrangements to make them a focal point of the occasion you’re celebrating. Collaborate with the florist you’ve hired to choose local plants that are appropriate for use at your venue. The table runners, which are patterned with beautiful bougainvillea flowers, dangle off the sides of the tables and mirror the pastel colors of the courtyard.

Set a Beautiful Stage Background

Make a backdrop worthy of a romantic evening by constructing a circular arch and adorning it with the flowers of your choice. The addition of the live wall is just another way in which the attractiveness of this wedding has been enhanced. Draw some motivation from this creative wedding that took place in Long Island City.

Design a Chill Out Area in the Dry grass

The creation of a stylish seating space in which your guests can relax after the ceremony is an absolute must, regardless of whether you will be celebrating your love in the verdant countryside or amid the grandeur of the desert. Accents include woven items such as umbrellas and rugs, fabrics in earthy tones, and succulents with a variety of textures.

Go for the Roof

Using a venue on a rooftop might help you achieve strong drama from the top down. Consider taking a lesson from this decor and contrasting traditional architecture (such as the neo-Gothic style of St. Patrick’s Cathedral) with something glitzy, such as bespoke lavender mirrored tables and built-in art deco lanterns.

New Couples are Loving the lakes wedding venue

Frequently asked questions

What is a whimsical wedding?

A whimsical wedding is one in which the bride and groom are able to fulfill all of their wishes and then some. This is due to the fact that a whimsical wedding is not conventional and does not have any restrictions. This is the kind of wedding where you can celebrate in whichever way brings you the most happiness while also throwing tradition out the window.

What is whimsical decor?

Despite the fact that it cannot be reduced to a single style, the term “whimsical design” refers to a wide range of styles that are characterized by a sense of childlike wonder, levity, and frivolity.

What time is best for a garden wedding?

If you want to have a Garden wedding, the finest times of year to do so are in the spring, between the months of March and April, or in the fall, between the months of October and November. These times of the year include temperatures that are perfect for an outdoor wedding, ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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