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Ideas for Nostalgic Forest Wedding Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

While we adore outdoor weddings in all their forms, a forest wedding will always be one of our faves. After all, what’s not to adore about towering trees, mossy floors, untamed wildflowers, and bubbling brooks? The idea of being married and partying in the middle of a large forest has an intimate and romantic quality. A forest also provides a backdrop for your wedding that is already beautiful and breathtaking. All the decorating has been done for you by nature!

But if you do decide to add a couple of your own, there is no shortage of ideas all around you. For a touch of rustic, look to the trees; they may serve as the inspiration for your bark-like wedding cake or your log-stacked escort cards. Or, if you prefer a more bohemian vibe, go to the meadows for wedding design ideas. There might be your wildflower bouquet waiting for you. Whether you want a sleek, bohemian, or somewhere in between aesthetic, it’s simple to create an ethereal atmosphere at a woodland wedding. You won’t need to look any further than these suggestions to have the fairytale wedding of your dreams.

Below are some suggestions for an elegant forest wedding

Start with the Invitations

Organizing a forest party? Don’t be afraid to drop a few hints about the occasion on the invitation suite. The traditional feel of this collection is given a modern update in the form of a watercolor illustration of pine and birch trees. We think it’s a fantastic idea to personalize the artwork to match the setting of your wedding party, whether you’ll be celebrating amid a grove of palm, pine, or birch trees.

Endorse the Season

It’s possible that your wedding in the forest won’t be particularly lush and green depending on the time of year you choose to tie the knot, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be enchanted. An autumn wedding has its own special type of beauty, with the trees barren and the ground covered with golden leaves that have fallen from the trees. As evidenced by this beautiful wedding, it provides an excellent background for photographs.

Create a Bold Statement with Your Outfit

Forest weddings, like many other outdoor weddings, may easily take on a relaxed vibe due to the setting. You can contrast the laid-back vibe of your images with a more formal outfit by wearing something like a dress. To really make a statement, you should instruct your ladies to fluff out that gorgeous train.

Transform Your Forest into a Gorgeous Yard

Do you wish to have some flower power in your forest? No issue. In order to make a woodland area a more photogenic wedding for her, the bride requested that her florist add white flowers and greenery to the area.

Utilize local Flowers

To that end: Allow the surrounding area to serve as an inspiration for your choice of flowers and greenery, much as this bride did by including fern in her luscious bouquet of hellebores, honeysuckle, clematis, and spirea. In conclusion.

Embellish with Sentimental Details

Even though garden roses might not be the first flower that comes to mind when planning a wedding in the woods, that does not mean you should avoid using them. You may create an organic bouquet that looks like it was just picked from the forest by adding vines and forest ferns to your arrangement. This will give the impression that the flowers were just picked from the forest.

Marry in a circle

One of the many reasons why people choose forest Weddings is because it offers a cozy and secluded atmosphere among the towering trees. Increase the intensity of that sensation by having the wedding in a circle. To create a room that is circular in shape, arrange the chairs in two semicircles that are then framed by two curves of vegetation. This bride liked that they were able to stand among their guests rather than in front of them because of the way the venue was set up.

Categorize the ceremony’s entrance

This bride took inspiration for her wedding palette from the natural colors of the California redwood grove, which can be seen coming to life at the entry to her ceremony. For a more natural aspect that gives the impression that it has always been there, demarcate your aisles with dense foliage consisting of greens and king protea.

Design a Tree Altar

This altar, which is comprised of Aspen trees, various types of foliage, and unassuming flowers, appears to have been taken from the pages of a children’s book. A clear acrylic podium and a platform made of wood both contribute to the altar without taking away from the surrounding scenery. It pays a fitting tribute to the historic aspen grove in which it is situated.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get married in a random forest?

Yes! It is possible to get married in virtually any forest in the world so long as the appropriate permissions are obtained, and the restrictions are followed.

What is a whimsical wedding?

A whimsical wedding is one in which the bride and groom are able to fulfill all of their wishes and then some. This is due to the fact that a whimsical wedding is not conventional and does not have any restrictions. This is the kind of wedding where you can celebrate in whichever way brings you the most happiness while also throwing tradition out the window.

What’s the difference between a boho and a rustic wedding?

The easiest way to think about each of them is to remember that a rustic wedding theme refers to natural components, a lot of greenery, and an organic approach. This is the case for all of the other themes as well. On the other hand, a boho wedding is characterized by a greater emphasis on whimsy, romance, and eclecticism.

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