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Ideas For a Stunning Flower Wall in A Wedding

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Flower walls at weddings are becoming an increasingly popular trend. And it’s no wonder why—creating a luxury wall installation at your wedding that is entirely composed of flowers is a wonderful way to establish a focal point in the room. The most exciting part? At the ceremony entry, as a magnificent backdrop for your wedding ceremony, as an escort-card display, at the reception behind a delectable spread of desserts, or in any other location to which you’d like to draw attention, a flower wall can work beautifully.


If the ceremony and reception are going to be placed at the same location, a flower wall can also act as a decorative element for both events. First, commission a tall flower wall to be created by your florist to serve as the background for your ceremony. After that, switch the layout of the room around such that your sweetheart’s table is in the same location as the bar during cocktail hour. Alternatively, you could make the flower wall into a photo booth background or a selfie station for guests to use throughout the reception. In either case, you may rest assured that the wedding images you take throughout the night will be spectacular.


Scroll down to see some of the most stunning flower walls and installations for weddings that we’ve seen at actual weddings.


Ceremony Backdrop with White Flowers and Greenery

You can add some visual interest to your venue by decorating it with greenery and white flowers (and palm trees if you’re having your wedding in a tropical location). You are going to fall in love with the cushioned bamboo chairs and white runners that have been blended to create a clean and contemporary aesthetic. A bonus is that after the ceremony, the guests will be able to use the flower backdrop for amusing photos to take with one another.


Ivy Vines Intertwined with Flowers

To make a sophisticated declaration, it is not necessary to cover an entire wall with floral arrangements. This stunning flower wall, which features floral accents, ivy garlands, and fairy lights, has a light and airy feel to it and is a gorgeously modern spin on the classic flower wall.


White Floral Installation for the Reception Lounge

Have your florist ring the edges of chairs at your cocktail or reception lounge areas with flowers winding up and along the nearest wall to create oases-like niches. These oases can be used for either cocktail hour or reception. Not only will it take you completely by surprise, but it will also provide you with a lovely setting for wedding photographs.


Arch of Wildflowers with Flower-Lined Aisles

Want to impress guests and make over the ceremony location? Collaborate with your florist to set the mood of your wedding ceremony with flowers. To draw attention to this structure, beautiful flower runners have been attached to an arch. Even if you’re inside, the installation should have the air of having happened naturally.


A Living Wall Decorated with Flowers and Plants

This is just a friendly reminder that the sky is the limit when it comes to your creative potential. The installation is unlike any flower wall that we have seen before because it comprises a base of greenery as well as hanging flowers in a variety of tonal color tones. The floral arrangement, which was displayed inside a transparent tent and hung from a chandelier, was able to not only compliment but also avoid competing with the overall motif of this wedding.


Wedding Archway Decorated with Flowers

Are you dissatisfied with the profusion of flowers that are growing in an uncontrolled manner at your venue? We get it. To create a multi-layered floral look, add a ceremony structure that is filled with flowers.


Ombre Flower Wall

Choose a wall that is devoid of greenery but is densely packed with buds if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more on the conventional side. In addition, the ombre effect looks incredible in pictures (and in person).


Flower Arrangement Installed Behind the Head Table

If you want to make your head table even more photogenic for Instagram, you should put a floral wall just behind it. Your photographer will be grateful. Collaborate with your florist to choose seasonal flowers whose colors and styles complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding.


Adding Trees and Flower Towers to a Courtyard

Bring in trees as part of your ceremony’s decor rather than making a floral installation to give guests the impression that they are in the great outdoors. This couple’s outdoor party concept was brought to life with the assistance of trees and floral towers, while lucite seats drew attention to the space’s contemporary aesthetic.


A Flower-Decorated Wall-Sized Indoor Lounge

How can you imbue your living space with that warm and inviting hygge atmosphere? If you want to add more visual interest to the centerpiece, you might try incorporating a natural-looking flower wall that is green and white. It will, in effect, serve as an open invitation to attendees to take pictures during the cocktail hour or reception; just make sure to prominently display your wedding hashtag.


Frequently asked questions

What size is ideal for a floral wall?

Which flower wall size do most people choose to have? The most often purchased flower wall dimensions are 8 feet by 8 feet (2.4 meters by 2.4 meters) and 10 feet by 10 feet (3.1 meters by 3.1 meters) (3m x 3m). It’s possible that these two sizes are better suited for the majority of situations.


How Much Do Flower Walls Cost?

Flower walls are charged per square foot due to the fact that they are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. This range normally ranges between $75 and $150 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials that are employed.


A floral wall lasts how long?

Silk flowers are the way to go if a flower wall decoration is going to be up for more than one day because fresh blossoms will quickly wilt and not endure as long as their artificial counterparts. It is possible to use fresh flowers in a wall arrangement for an event that will last for a few hours because the flowers will continue to appear healthy throughout the duration of the event.

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