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Ideas for a Stunning Chinoiserie – Inspired Wedding

Chinoiserie Inspired Wedding - Long Island Destination Weddings

On your wedding day, it’s customary to include something blue in addition to something old, something borrowed, and something new. But what if you want to use white and blue as the two primary colors in your palette for a timeless combination? It might be ideal to have a Chinese wedding theme (Chinoiserie – Inspired Wedding).

The art and design movement known as chinoiserie has European solid roots. Chinese design was used as an inspiration for everything from textiles to ceramics, with a recognized blue and white color pattern. Additionally, Chinoiserie is a lovely wedding theme that offers a romantic garden meets European ambiance, and it has evolved into a timeless home decor fad.

Your wedding’s central theme can be chinoiserie, or you can choose to include tiny allusions to the style in small touches. It might serve as inspiration for the design of your wedding cake as well as your invites. Of course, bar decor can include chinoiserie pottery as well as place settings and centerpieces. Not to mention the possibilities for experimenting with printed linens.

There are countless alternatives if you want to include chinoiserie in your wedding decor. Ideas for chinoiserie-inspired wedding decorations are provided below to help with design planning.

Your Invitations’ Theme

Get the ball rolling by immediately creating the vibe of your wedding. Include the colors blue and white in your invites, as well as a pattern inspired by chinoiserie. It will be a charming idea to finish off the look of this lovely set by including a striking blue wax seal in the middle of the seal.

Synchronize Your Looks

There is no reason why the colors of chinoiserie can’t be carried over into other aspects of your wedding. Why not plan coordinated colors to fit the theme, as many couples do at their wedding party, by having them wear light blue and dark blue clothing, respectively?

Prominently Display Floral Vases

Create a focal point in the center of your reception table with a bold statement. Your centerpieces will be sure to look very magnificent with the addition of tall vases made of chinoiserie that are loaded with variously textured flowers. In this design, we particularly like the way the lone splash of blue pops out against the predominantly white place settings.

Set up a lounge

Make sure that your guests are comfortable without sacrificing their sense of elegance! A lounge is a wonderful addition to any event, and it doesn’t matter if you’re going to start the reception right away or if you’re going to hold a cocktail hour first. This lovely outdoor patio was furnished with white couches that were accessorized with an abundance of pillows in blue, white, and a chinoiserie design.

Put the finishing touches on the place settings

A chinoiserie-inspired wedding will, of course, require place settings that adhere to the aesthetic of the wedding. A beautiful appearance can be achieved by using patterned chargers in conjunction with linens in a very dark blue color. The complementary menu and the sprig of fresh rosemary that was included to complete this picture-perfect scene are two elements that particularly stand out to us.

Choose Drinks That Go Well Together

Even if it’s difficult to construct a blue and white cocktail, you can still add components to a drink that are consistent with the theme, even if you’re not making one from scratch. A straightforward blue and white paper straw were included at this point in order to bring the entire thing full circle and bring it back around to the color scheme and concept of blue and white chinoiserie.

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Bring Out the Best in the Little Things

One of the most thoughtful and charming ways to put your own spin on things for your wedding occasion is to incorporate personalized cocktail napkins. These unobtrusive additions have the potential to make a world of difference. Consider using a blue design on a white cocktail napkin and giving an homage to the chinoiserie pattern with the simple choice of a white napkin.

Complement the Boutonnieres

It is recommended that you use shades of blue while designing the boutonnieres, particularly if individuals who will be wearing them will be dressed in white. The use of blue Tweedie in combination with a white tux ensures that the arrangement will be noticed while also providing the subtlest possible reference to the overarching motif of the decoration.

Embellish the Bar Area

The theme can be finished off with a couple of accent pieces of decor, but having an all-white wedding bar will undoubtedly make a bold statement. Incorporate a number of vases with a chinoiserie design and fill them with flowers that have long stems. In addition, we adore the blue and white accents that are sprinkled across the shelves that are located behind this bar arrangement.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Chinoiserie’s wedding?

The art and design style known as chinoiserie is heavily influenced by European aesthetics. The design of everything from textiles to pottery was influenced by Chinese aesthetics, which included an instantly recognizable color scheme of blue and white.

Who pays for a wedding traditionally?

You may already be aware that the majority of the costs associated with the wedding day are traditionally covered by the bride’s family. In contrast, the groom’s family is responsible for paying for a number of other events, such as the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon.

Who pays for the bride’s dresses?

Nowadays, a kind grandmother might offer to buy your gown, or you might be footing the bill by yourself. Large-ticket purchases like a wedding planner, the bachelorette party, and the ceremony reception are also covered by the bride’s family (music, guest favors, rentals, etc.)

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