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Ideas For a Celestial Wedding That Will Make Everyone Luminous

Celestial wedding

We have the wedding theme for you, stargazers! Celestial wedding decorations have become increasingly popular recently, with several couples choosing this enchanted theme for their big day. You should absolutely think about adding some mystical, heavenly elements to your wedding if you believe your love is written in the stars and you made sure your partner’s star sign was compatible with yours when you first met.

We are all a little startled by space; our interest in astronomy is proof that there is beauty in the vast unknown; it’s thought that marriage and love are aspects of the universe itself: It’s very amazing that you and your partner were able to reconnect despite the immensity of time and place. It seems sensible that destiny and adventure have been linked to starry skies; if those ideas strike you as suitable for a wedding event, you are not alone.

Celestial themes are frequently used on Celestial wedding occasions since they are beloved by both astrology and nature enthusiasts. It is natural that the sun, moon, planets, and stars occur in a variety of festivals because they can also have spiritual and religious significance. Nobody will contest the fact that your relationship was preordained when the time comes for your wedding ceremony.

Under this vast wedding theme, there are absolutely no restrictions on the statement-making wedding decor components you can choose. As a result, feel free to be bold.


The celestial wedding ideas listed here will help you create an unforgettable Celestial wedding celebration.


  1. Moon and Sun Layout

Signs that read “Moon of My Life” and “My Sun and Stars” are made by the wedding designers and placed on the seats of the reception table where the bride and groom will sit.

  1. Table Setting with a Star Theme

In order to create this constellation-themed table setting, Event Design used knitted wedding favors that were uniformly dark blue, periwinkle, and white. The crochet seating charts, floral and gem centerpieces, and table runners all made homage to the celestial theme.

  1. Delicious Milky Way Cake

Bakers use blue marbled fondant and edible gold flakes to create this three-tiered Milky Way cake. The cake gets inspired by the candy bar. The pink cabbage rose gives the floral element that brought the event’s space style together with the dessert.

  1. Include the Moon as a backdrop

A whimsical statement backdrop can be created with the help of a stunning moon installation. Just imagine all of the images that your guests may post to Instagram after the ceremony is over!

  1. Engage the visitors

Employing a tarot card reader to tell guests about their destinies is an original and fun activity that may be done at a wedding reception. Start making these while your guests are waiting to be seated for dinner. They may keep themselves busy with the cocktail hour.

  1. Using string lights to Create Stars

The see-through wedding tent had what appeared to be thousands of string lights strung up inside of it, which transformed the surrounding area into an enchanting backdrop for the evening ceremony.

  1. Put Blue on Your Bridesmaids

It is recommended that you have your bridesmaids dress in a variety of different blue hues. Your maid of honor can even make a statement by wearing a glittery dress that is designed after the constellations in the night sky. This is an excellent way to draw attention to her role in the wedding.

  1. Observe Your Steps

The starry motif may be incorporated into any and all of your accessories, all the way down to your shoes! These shoes, which include intricate embroidery, were made especially for dancing under the stars.

  1. Maintain a theme for your engagement photos

This fashionable leather jacket, which is embossed with a scene from the cosmos and love lines, has undivided attention. Wear it if you want the overall vibe of your engagement photos to be divine, and it will help you achieve that.

  1. Make a lunar invitation suite

The mysterious appearance of the moon is depicted throughout this invitation set. The design that looks like a galaxy with specks all over it is one that people particularly enjoy. If you have the funds available, you could also send a little crystal with each invitation. This is a thoughtful gesture that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Frequently asked questions

How should a celestial Celestial wedding be decorated?

Consider a dark color scheme, sparkling lighting that looks like stars, and patterns that incorporate both of your zodiac signs. With indigo blue linens, you can give your tables the colors of a muggy summer night, or you can hang string lights from your venue’s ceiling to resemble constellations.

 What is a celestial-themed wedding?

For couples who want to create a boho-meets-romantic atmosphere for their special day, the celestial wedding theme—a design aesthetic influenced by astronomy, stars, and the sky—has grown in popularity.


How do you make your wedding special and unique?

Avoiding the temptation to mimic another couple’s big day is the simplest approach to ensure that your wedding is distinctive and one of a kind. Your wedding will be unique from all others by using vendors, decorations, and a location that you both adore as a couple and that makes you both happy.


What makes a Celestial wedding unforgettable?

Including a unity ceremony in your Celestial wedding is another option to make it special and unforgettable. A ritual of symbolism is a union ceremony. You and your partner may decide to light a unity candle in place of exchanging vows. The unity candle will represent the blending of two lives spiritually.

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