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There are many various possibilities to take into account while choosing your location, from beach Wedding Flawlessly to castle celebrations and dining parties. The good news is that no matter the day-of style you desire, there is room for you. If, however, you picture a vacation mood full of gorgeous photo ops and boho style, a desert wedding might be the answer to your happily ever after.

As you might have imagined, desert weddings take place in settings that are similar to those seen in the desert, and the locations are often found in the Southwest region of the United States. Some of the most popular U.S. vacation spots are found in Arizona, California, Texas, Oregon, and Nevada, which are noted for their red rock formations, sand dunes, and mountain backdrops. It’s difficult to resist getting lost in everything our distinctive desert has to offer, with its breathtaking panoramas of rising mountains and towering palm trees.

You’re in the perfect place if you’re thinking about throwing a cactus-themed party. Read on to learn everything you need to know about desert weddings, including the best times to schedule your wedding ceremony and the finest reasons to tie the knot there.

Planning a Desert Wedding: Things to Consider

The fact that a desert wedding takes place in a desert is one of the most important factors to take into account. The desert climate is almost ideal from October through April, according to Santalla. Imagine a place with warm days, chilly nights, brilliant stars, and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, the desert might not be a good choice if you’re planning a summer or late spring event. According to Santalla, temperatures can rise above 100 degrees, so if you’re organizing an outdoor wedding or another event that requires spending any time outside, the weather may be too severe for you and some of your guests.

Finding the Right Desert Wedding Location

Santalla advises couples to bear in mind a number of criteria when they begin their search for a desert Wedding Flawlessly venue. First, pick a location that offers a ton of lovely backdrop alternatives and photo chances. Make sure it has the desert charm you’re searching for because a significant portion of your venue cost will go into the picturesque and distinctive setting.

What a Desert Wedding Costs on Average

The price of your location will make up one of the biggest portions of your wedding budget, no matter where you decide to hold your wedding. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand exactly what is included in your venue fees, discuss any terms you don’t like (such as having a plated supper or utilizing a preferred vendor), and factor in additional costs. What a desert wedding venue costs will actually depend on its location, popularity, and time of year.

Costs will be highest from October through April because these months are the most sought-after times to have a desert event. Additionally, you should anticipate paying more if you choose a well-known location for your wedding, such as Palm Springs or Sedona, as opposed to Lubbock, Texas, or Bend, Oregon.

If all-inclusive locations are not your thing, you can always rent an Apartment or have your event outside of a National Park. Lastly, many traditional desert venues provide all-inclusive alternatives, which can have a significant impact on the final cost. There is a strong possibility you can locate something within your price range because desert weddings are growing in popularity.

Desert Wedding: Pros and Cons


Less likelihood of rain: There’s a reason it’s a desert.  The predictability of weather makes this an excellent alternative for outdoor events because of the lower rainfall and temperate temperatures in the late fall, winter, and early spring.

Simple to adapt: The desert has a wide range of venue possibilities that may easily be transformed to meet your vision, whether it is luxury, bohemian, industrial, or rustic. It also offers the characteristic desert background and plenty of options for mid-century modern architecture.



Heat: We mean it when we say that it gets heated during the off-season. You just have a few months to reserve that won’t melt you because it’s in the 100s from May to September. Summer desert Wedding Flawlessly are typically not the coziest or most secure outdoor festivities.

More journeys: Many desert venues are off the main way unless your event is taking place in a major city like Phoenix or Las Vegas. This could result in longer travel times with fewer alternatives for routes, scheduling, or connections, as well as more expensive flights into smaller airports. As a result of the challenging and costly travel arrangements, you can get fewer Respond accordingly.

Frequently asked question

What does a coordinator do at a wedding?

A day-of wedding organizer is in charge of ensuring that the wedding day or weekend is flawlessly completed. Their responsibilities include organizing the timeline, supervising the suppliers, and resolving any last-minute issues that come up during the celebrations.

Why small weddings are better?

You can be more inventive when choosing your venue and vendor selections as you won’t have as many people to host, feed, and amuse. Now, several locations also provide more customized wedding packages!

Is a wedding with 100 guests considered small?

How many people are usually invited to weddings of different sizes? Depending on who you ask, these figures may change slightly, but a small wedding normally has 50 guests or fewer, a medium wedding has a guest list of 50–150 individuals, and a large wedding has more than 150 guests.

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