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How to Arrange for a Waterfront Wedding


If you are looking for barefoot luxury and want to skip the sand between your toes, you should look outside the beaches for a non-traditional location where you can surround yourself with something blue. Weddings on the water may be the perfect place for a couple who are seeking something a little bit different to do with their wedding in an open-air setting. Outdoor events and small-scale affairs are all here to remain. Weddings that take place at sea can be organized in any manner, regardless of size or cost, but there are some unique aspects of the setting that should be taken into account. The experts will jump right in and provide you with all of the information you want to successfully organize a wedding on the water.


Is it a Good Idea to Get Married on a Boat?

Who else, except lovers of all things nautical, should get married on a boat, yacht, or ship? According to the event manager, “the ideal bride and groom are people looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be had on land.” “The perfect couples for an on-waterfront wedding are those who desire a non-cookie-cutter wedding—one that is unlike any other wedding they have ever attended and one that will be remembered by their guests for a lifetime.”


In spite of the obvious appeal of a magnificent backdrop and an open-air venue, these vessels are not for everyone; a floating celebration is best suited for couples who are willing to go with the flow. Couples looking for a picture-perfect setting will adore weddings on the water, say, wedding planners and designers, as long as they’re willing to remember that the situation necessitates some degree of flexibility. They advise newlyweds to be flexible on the wedding day and to be prepared for a variety of eventualities given the increased fluctuation of the weather on the water.


Waterfront Wedding venues to consider

  1. Lady Lynsey II at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

After undergoing $100 million in renovations, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas reopened in late 2019, and with it came the return of its unique luxury sailing catamaran. The 65-foot vessel had a complete makeover and was christened the Lady Lynsey II at the same time the renowned resort reopened to the public.


  1. Lady of The Lake

Lake Geneva Cruise Line features eight different boat-based attractions, including the Lady of the Lake. The Lady is the largest of the boats in the fleet, and her two decks make her a stunning venue for weddings with up to 225 people.


  1. Five Star at Inn at Perry Cabin

The quaint and picturesque Inn at Perry Cabin is a waterfront resort that is perfect for more personal celebrations because of its location on the Eastern Shore. The inn is a short drive from Washington, District of Columbia, and it features a surprising number of lovely locations for wedding ceremonies, reception parties, and minimoons. One of these spaces is the Hinckley yacht Five Star, which is 55 feet long. The vessel’s timeless lines perfectly capture the essence of traditional American yachting and the crew’s immaculate service more than lives up to the vessel’s illustrious moniker.


  1. Force Blue

When at sea, most yachts have a passenger capacity of no more than 12, but they may host as many as 100 people when they are anchored in a picturesque harbor of your choosing. These vessels are great for a perfectly intimate wedding ceremony on the water, which may then be followed by a larger after-party on land.


  1. MSC Cruises

The ultimate one-stop wedding shop for a really all-inclusive experience that will tempt you and all of your guests is a luxury cruise line. This type of event will be memorable for everyone involved. The MSC Meraviglia is now sailing the seven seas again, and she brings with her gourmet dining, world-class entertainment, uninterrupted views of the ocean throughout the day, and all of the rest and relaxation you could possibly need after a wedding, all in one convenient location. In addition, married couples should keep an eye out for the MSC Seashore, which will make its premiere in Miami this fall. The new ship will sail to MSC Cruises’ own private island in The Bahamas, which is the ideal location for a low-key minimoon or an extended afterparty.


Frequently asked questions

Can you get married in Fallingwater?

This one-of-a-kind area, which is located just uphill from The Barn and is reachable through a trail through the woods, is an excellent choice for the location of an outdoor ceremony. You are able to have your wedding at the Amphitheatre while being surrounded by friends, family, and the unadulterated splendor of nature.


What are the advantages of an on-water wedding?

  • This is going to be a very private as well as unique party.
  • There is no way to have a wedding that is more memorable or special.
  • You have a lot of leeway to make decisions about things.
  • It is a viable alternative for your economy to consider. You do not need to hold a valid certification to dive.


Is a wedding on a yacht expensive?

For those who are interested in using a cruise ship or yacht as a setting, the beginning price for a ceremony and reception for one hundred guests is approximately twelve thousand dollars. It is important to keep in mind that the rental costs, the length of the event, and the booking deposits may vary from location to site.

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