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Heavenly Spots for A Romantic Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon

The award show season may be passed, but a Romantic Honeymoon that would be fit for Hollywood would never go out of style. You may bring some of the magic of the silver screen into your honeymoon celebration by going to one of these places that you’ve drooled over in your favorite movies.


From a thin Central American treasure called Panama, where you can touch both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean on the same day (Panama), to the Indonesian island that has come back to life (Bali), the following sites are ready for their close-ups.


You may have the Romantic Honeymoon of your dreams at the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, which is located on the island of Maui. Say “aloha” to your perfect honeymoon and start packing your bags. This luxurious home away from home boasts the appearance of a movie set, open-air hale thatched huts for relaxing, and adult-only peace pools that you will absolutely fall in love with.


New York

It is possible that one of the most adventurous things a newlywed couple can do to kick off their marriage is to take a trip to New York City. This trip will not only provide ample opportunities for romance, but it will also allow the couple to create enduring memories of one-of-a-kind experiences they shared together.


Palm Springs

The city of Palm Springs in the Mojave Desert is calling your name if you place a high priority on having an abundance of sunshine during your romantic getaway. In the movie, the lovers sneak into a neighbor’s pool to cool off. Still, if you stay at the beautiful Kimpton the Rowan Palm Springs, which features the only rooftop pool in the city, you won’t have to trespass onto anyone else’s property to have a refreshing dip in the water.


Bali, Indonesia

It’s possible that Bali will restore you. This year, the “retreat for change” will begin with a variety of activities that are intended to soothe the spirit, such as private meditation courses, cultural tours, and the blessing of water. If you are a social pair who like staying in hotels that are trendy and happening, then staying in Bali will not get you the chance to regret there are many resorts, which are located in the bustling center of Bali’s restaurant and nightlife scene. It’s all about striking the correct balance, right?



The Maldives is the only place that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of paradise with white sand beaches. Give your Romantic Honeymoon the star treatment in this tropical paradise located in the Indian Ocean.


There is no way you should pass up the opportunity to book one of their hallmark Collectable Experiences packages, such as Eat Sleep Repeat or Couples Goals in the Maldives. The latter will grant honeymooners day use of the Luxurious presidential villa, guided stargazing, picking a secret gift for your other half at check-in (which the dedicated staff handles entirely), and a private beach bonfire with your own pop-up bar as part of the experience. It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of picture-perfectness.



Jamaica is often regarded as one of the best countries in the world to spend your honeymoon, so you can expect to make some incredible memories there. People who have just gotten married come to the island from around the world to take in its breathtaking scenery.


Your mind, body, and soul will be captivated by the island of Jamaica if you choose to spend your honeymoon there. Your journey to Jamaica for your honeymoon will be one that is elegant and refined yet relaxed and laid-back. Every day is a new opportunity to learn more about each other and your love for one another while you are here since there is so much more to do than you could ever possibly pack into a single trip. On the other hand, you can always opt to do absolutely nothing at all, which is also an acceptable option in Jamaica.



Regardless matter whether you are a globetrotting couple who has been everywhere, from castles in Europe to beaches in the Caribbean, or whether you want to make your honeymoon your first journey to a new nation, the exotic beauty of Panama is all you are hoping for and more!


The sandy shores of Panama are an ideal couple destination to get rid of all that pent-up stress associated with wedding planning and enjoy each other’s company. Whether you choose to relax by the palm tree-lined pool or take a romantic stroll along the beach, the sandy shores of Panama are an ideal honeymoon destination.


Frequently asked questions

How much money should you bring on a honeymoon?

Our research indicates that one in ten married couples would spend more than $10,000 on their honeymoon, despite the fact that the national average cost of a honeymoon is $5,000. On the other hand, a stay-cation in one’s hometown can result in a large reduction in honeymoon expenses for a couple.


How long a honeymoon should last?

Between seven and ten days is the typical length of time for a honeymoon. There is a possibility that some newlyweds will opt to extend their honeymoon for two weeks or even longer, while others may choose to forego the honeymoon celebration entirely. Everything is contingent on the couple’s vacation time, budget, and location of choice.


Who pays for the honeymoon?

The honeymoon was traditionally paid for by the groom’s family; however, just as no two couples are alike, so are their families, and this tradition is no longer followed. The answer to the question of who should foot the bill for the honeymoon is frequently determined by the couple’s family dynamic, preexisting customs, and, of course, their individual choice.


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