Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY

Exploring Long Island’s Hidden Gems: Beyond Windows On The Lake

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Long Island is a treasure trove of hidden gems, offering an array of enchanting spots that perfectly complement the charm of Windows On The Lake. While our venue is renowned for its breathtaking lakeside views and exceptional service, there are numerous other locales on Long Island that add to the allure of this beautiful region.

Discovering Local Wineries

Just a short drive from Windows On The Lake, you’ll find some of Long Island’s finest wineries. The North Fork is particularly famous for its vineyards, where you can enjoy wine tastings and scenic tours. Places like Wölffer Estate Vineyard and Bedell Cellars offer a tranquil escape, perfect for a romantic day trip or a pre-wedding celebration.

Historical Landmarks and Museums

Long Island boasts a rich history, with landmarks and museums that provide a glimpse into its past. Visit the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium in Centerport for an intriguing mix of art, history, and science. The Old Westbury Gardens, with its beautifully preserved mansion and gardens, offers another slice of history, perfect for a leisurely afternoon exploring.

Beaches and Nature Trails

For nature enthusiasts, Long Island’s beaches and trails offer endless exploration opportunities. Jones Beach State Park is a must-visit for its pristine sands and vibrant boardwalk. Closer to Windows On The Lake, you can explore the Connetquot River State Park Preserve, ideal for hiking and bird-watching amidst serene landscapes.

Charming Villages and Shopping

The quaint villages of Northport and Port Jefferson are perfect for those who enjoy shopping and dining in charming settings. Stroll through Northport’s historic Main Street, filled with unique boutiques and cozy cafes. In Port Jefferson, you can enjoy waterfront dining and shop for local crafts, making it a delightful excursion for guests attending events at Windows On The Lake.

Culinary Delights

Long Island’s culinary scene is diverse and vibrant. Beyond the exquisite catering at Windows On The Lake, explore local favorites such as the seafood at Southold Fish Market or the farm-to-table dishes at Noah’s in Greenport. These spots offer fresh, locally sourced cuisine that showcases the best of Long Island’s flavors.


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