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Enhance Your Reception Tablescape with Summer Wedding Centerpieces


There are several ways to bring the summer season to life on your reception tables, but the centerpiece is usually where the magic happens. For a traditional summer aesthetic, you can always choose to assemble floral centerpieces with in-season blooms like orchids, sunflowers, or poppies.


Looking for a more unique atmosphere? Choose flora that evokes a warm environment, such as a mountainside’s wildflowers or a tropical island’s vegetation. There are many different ways to add a splash of brightness, while blooms and leaves are a simple way to add vitality to summer wedding centerpieces. For a summertime twist, consider using colored candles, patterned vases, or exotic fruit.


Don’t be afraid to choose a more subdued palette to appeal to the season’s softer character. A vibrant jewel-toned or sunny palette speaks to summer’s bright side. The calm, quiet elegance that settles during the summer’s golden hour when you sit down for evening dinner can be modeled with whites, soft pinks, and taupes.


  1. Use a citrus-colored palette

There is no better way to make a table in the farm-style stand out than with an explosion of colors from citrus fruits. This reception tablescape is given some life with the addition of sliced oranges and floral arrangements in magenta. We are in awe of the brilliant way in which orange-lettered transparent candleholders tie in the color scheme by functioning double duty as table numbers.


  1. Add Wild Flowers

As summer wedding centerpieces, colorful wildflowers like astilbe and yarrow bring a bright bohemian touch to the wedding occasion. In order to complete the effect, you can create a mirror image of them using an overhead centerpiece consisting of bistro lighting strung with matching foraged blossoms.


  1. Arrange the Hydrangeas

The bride wishes for the reception party to have the atmosphere of entering her family’s home for Sunday dinner. Chose lattice vases to display hydrangeas and other local blossoms in various shades of blue and white to get the desired appearance. A traditional look for the summertime is what we’d call this setup, with its coordinating table runner and dinnerware.


  1. Go for the Muted Palette

A color scheme with muted tones brings out the gentler side of summer. An atmosphere of traditional, romantic elegance is created with low arrangements that are interwoven with taper candles, elegant crystal stemware, and blush linen napkins.


  1. Hand-Paint Mini Lamps

This wedding demonstrates that little lamps are the best option for wedding centerpieces during the summer months; candles and flowers are no longer necessary. The couple’s love for their go-to bar in New York City, Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle, led them to commission the hand-painting of 12 lampshades, each of which features a scene depicting a major location from their life together. When it comes to a wedding, the smallest of details may make or break the big day.


  1. Get Woodsy

You can create an earthy, woodsy-inspired design that screams “elevated summer camp” by arranging ferns and white buds in tall, thin glass vases and placing them on a wooden farm table. To round off the enchanted look, place votives covered in moss and tapered candles in vases that are an exact match for each other.


  1. Dye Baby’s Breath

By spray painting traditional baby’s breath pink, you can give the arrangement a dreamy and fanciful atmosphere that is perfect for the summer season. To inject an element of unexpected whimsy into the reception area, decorate the tables with miniature vases filled to the brim with frothy pink baby breath.


  1. Lay a Lush Floral Runner

Create an eye-catching focal point with a delectable centerpiece, such as this runner of bougainvillea blooms that is bursting at the seams. Rich magenta, pink, and red tones are perfect for a summer vacation wedding in South America, which is the native habitat of bougainvillea.


  1. Turn to Fashion

When looking for ideas for your wedding decorations, fashion is a good place to start. This bride got her inspiration for the reception tables, which featured patterned linens that evoked the Italian coast and low arrangements of brilliant red, yellow, and orange flowers. This bride chose to use these elements in her own wedding. This dark color scheme is perfect for a wedding held in the late summer, and it looks great with the mismatched wooden chairs that add a bit of rustic charm.


  1. Pick Fresh Fruit

Flowers and fresh fruit are two things that are synonymous with summer, so why not combine them into a single eye-catching centerpiece? Blush roses and purple wildflowers, along with sliced kiwis, lemons, and pomegranate, create an atmosphere that is perfect for the hot summer months and goes nicely with white linens.


Frequently asked questions


Should all wedding centerpieces be the same?

The centerpiece on each table does not have to be identical. A straightforward wedding suggestion is to mix it up with a few different patterns that you can sprinkle throughout the reception. At some, use candles; at others, use flowers; or use both together.


Can I make my own wedding centerpieces?

For your wedding, you can make, construct, or develop a wide range of items, including the menu, the decorations, and everything in between. The option of making your own wedding table centerpieces is extremely enjoyable.


How can I make a cheap wedding centerpiece?

As an alternative to flowers or candles for your wedding centerpieces, think about creating a sand art terrarium. The sand of different hues can be used to create stripes and other patterns in a glass jar. Then, add some foliage to complete it. This low-cost centerpiece’s star will be the sand.

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