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DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas for Each Theme

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The idea of not hiring a wedding planner or day of organizers practically practicing matrimonial malice seems to be prevalent these days. Still, it couldn’t be further from the truth, especially given the abundance of DIY wedding decor available. Prepare to be the best temporary wedding planner your ceremony has ever seen if you come under the category of decor-savvy or budget-conscious couples who wish to handle the planning process autonomously. We’ve compiled a number of easy and stylish DIY wedding decorations for you and your partner to use on the big day in order to make your life a whole lot easier.


And don’t worry, uncrafty couples—each idea on our list is a doable DIY task that doesn’t call for a lot of knowledge or experience. We’re talking about inexpensive floral arrangements, table runners, and centerpieces that you can use to personalize the reception tabletop, as well as string lights that you can place by yourself with ease.


Here are our top suggestions for DIY wedding decorations.


Personalize Your Bouquets

Bouquet arrangements should be easy for you to make because they should reflect your personality and originate from the heart. To create your own combination, choose locally grown flowers, foraged flowers, select fresh from the garden, or fill in with loose stems from a nearby florist or farmers market. Add a final flourish by wrapping the base with ribbon or adding long trails of fabric to give it some fluidity. A shirt cuff or piece of cloth from your grandmother’s wedding dress might also provide a touch of sentimentality. Pins, a priceless brooch, or a sentimental object can be used to secure.


Send Boutonnieres in a Gift Basket

If you are up to the challenge of arranging a bridal bouquet, you should have no problem putting together a couple of boutonnieres; after all, they are just miniature flower arrangements. You are welcome to use the same assortment as the bouquets, albeit with a slightly more manly style, and tie them together with ribbon or twine. The marriage of the couple took place in a French chateau. Therefore, this arrangement features sprigs of lavender and olive leaves mixed together.


Create Several Flower Crowns

It’s so easy that even a child can complete the task! Make use of the crown-weaving abilities you’ve had since childhood by plaiting some floral headpieces for the members of the wedding party or any young attendants. There’s no need to overcomplicate things; a straightforward daisy chain will do the trick nicely. For a more organic feel, you may use fresh greens, ferns, foraged flowers, flowers found in the yard, baby’s breath, chamomile, or dried flowers instead. I adore bunny tails, in particular, due to the rustic elegance and youthful innocence they exude.


Create wedding signs

By using innovative canvases, you can turn your wedding signage into pieces of estate decor once the wedding is over. A rustic scene is elevated to one of richness with the addition of a vintage mirror, as shown here. Use a marker to write out your statement, or have a decal that says it is manufactured to order. You can achieve a look that is more earthy and rustic by applying the decal to plywood or by using stencils to paint your words.


Put Together a Wagon

Including infants and children of preschool age in your wedding party can be a significant task. By presenting them with a miniature truck of their own, you can make sure that their trek down the aisle is as smooth as possible. Use your imagination and some paint, flowers, streamers, and placards to help them create the ultimate carriage of their childhood fantasies (and yours).


To Fill Baskets With Accessories

Not only do baskets look adorable in a rustic setting, but they also serve a practical purpose, which is another reason why we can’t get enough of using them as wedding decor. You can use them as vessels for your flower girls to carry, to house wedding favors, to be filled with stationery, to gather floral centerpieces, or to hold comfortable accessories for your guests by decorating them with fresh flowers, dried stems, or ribbons. Alternatively, you can use them to gather floral centerpieces.


Decorate With Old Rugs

The popularity of bohemian rugs has recently experienced a significant uptick, and with good cause. The colorful linens lend an undeniably bohemian air to any location while also contributing texture and personality to the atmosphere. Visit some secondhand shops in search of vintage items that you can then put to use to decorate the lounge area, the aisle, and the space where the ceremony will take place.


Frequently asked questions:

What flower is used for marriage?

Peonies may be adored by romantic couples for their luscious and fluffy petals, but the significance of the flower will always be more important to them. This springtime blooming flower symbolizes a happy marriage, and because of its size and aggressiveness, it is the perfect big and bold flower to make a statement in a magnificent arrangement.


What’s the wedding after-party called?

A wedding reception is a party that is typically conducted after the conclusion of a marriage ceremony as a show of hospitality for those who have attended the wedding. Hence Reception refers to the first time as a married couple that the pair is receiving society in the form of relatives and friends.


The day after the wedding, who pays for brunch?

If you are serving food that was prepared specifically for this event, then typically, either one of the sets of the couple’s parents or the newlyweds themselves will pay for it. Sometimes after-wedding brunches serve leftovers from the wedding or are included as part of a package offered by a wedding venue.

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