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Destination Wedding Planners: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring One

Destination Wedding Planners

The fact that Destination Wedding Planners take more coordination than local weddings probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you. It is essential to pay special attention to the particulars not only because you are planning an event from a distance but also because it is possible that you will be holding many events over the course of the wedding weekend. These events are in addition to the wedding ceremony and reception. The good news is that wedding planners that specialize in destination weddings may assist you with exactly that.


Employing a professional wedding planner will not only help support you but will also make the execution of your idea significantly less stressful. Continue reading to obtain all of the information you require concerning the selection of your destination wedding planner.


Why Hire a Wedding Planner for a Destination Wedding?

Destination wedding planners offer the following in addition to the assurance that your wedding is in good hands:


clarity of thought

The tension can be reduced by hiring a destination wedding planner who can respond to your inquiries, present the information, and provide an objective view. If you need to make difficult choices, such as how to manage unforeseen roadblocks or build rain contingency plans, they are a priceless asset.


practical experience

A top destination wedding planner has connections, relationships, and years of experience that they have developed through time. Any issue can be resolved with grace by them.


local contacts

They will have the knowledge that you cannot obtain by merely searching online if you choose a planner that is local to your area or has great resources there. They can propose “off-the-beaten-path” locations to visit and eat in addition to recommending the months with the best weather and the best suppliers to work with.


Destination Wedding Planner Cost

The price will differ depending on the wedding planning services offered, the venue, and the number of guests. A high-end wedding planner who includes event design in their list of services will cost you at least 20% of your total wedding budget. Frequently, it leaves out any additional labor or transportation costs that would be needed to carry out the wedding or your other pre-wedding activities. Planners charge for their services in four different ways:


  • For day-of planners and bundles, a flat fee is typical.


  • The number of hours someone will work, or their billable hours.


  • Depending on other wedding expenses, the percentage of vendor and venue invoices.


  • Blended strategy: design, planning retainer, and production costs are flat-rate; vendor management and coordination are charged as a proportion of those costs, ranging from 15% to 20%.


What Does a Destination Wedding Planner Do?

Here is a list of frequent responsibilities that wedding planners are expected to perform:


  • Provide advice based on their understanding of local laws, permissions required, marriage license requirements, etc.


  • Select providers and venues that are most suited to your guest count, budget, and vision will be provided to you.


  • Your needs and desires should guide you in creating a realistic budget. They can advise you on where to save money and what to splurge on.


  • To help you and your visitors arrange the trip with confidence, provide travel advice and guidance.


  • contingency strategies in the event of rain and other unexpected roadblocks
  • Coordinate with vendors, the venue, and the family.


  • Organizes RSVPs and attendee lists.


  • Make suggestions for a florist, a company to rent audio and lighting equipment, and a stylist.


  • Negotiation, communication, and management are all served by this firm.


Finding a wedding planner for your destination wedding

Have no idea where to start? Listed below is some easy-to-follow advice:


Ask at the venue

Find out from the site’s staff which planners they like to work with because of their excellent customer service, ability to manage vendors efficiently, and overall professionalism.


Visit Instagram and see what you can find

Check out some of your favorite wedding photos to see who did the designing and planning. You can also find wedding photographers for your destination on social media, which can give you an idea of how the planner works.


See if you can find any references

Take a look at other people’s reviews of their wedding planners. You need to be able to connect with and trust your planner.


Make a phone call

Have a candid discussion with your wedding planner about your expectations for the big day. Having a wedding planner or team that can negotiate and address issues as they arise is a must. Ask how many weddings they’ve organized and if they can recall a time when something went awry. Inquire about their most memorable wedding moments to get a better sense of why they enjoy what they do.


Frequently asked questions

How far in advance should a destination wedding be organized?

We recommend scheduling your destination wedding location 12-16 months in advance. As a result, the needs of various locations will vary. A prominent wedding location may be fully booked up to 18 months in advance if it’s popular.


How much does a wedding in a foreign country typically cost?

Prices are determined by a variety of factors, including the place of the event, the length of time it will be held, the number of activities planned, the season, the number of people who will attend, and more. To put this into perspective, the average projected baseline cost of a destination wedding is approximately $35,000.


In a destination wedding, do you pay for the guests?

When it is a very intimate gathering with just close family members present, it is customary not to charge visitors for attendance. You can add a PayPal link to your wedding website if you intend for your guests to pay for their own lodging, despite the fact that you will have already paid for their accommodations. (An absolute requirement for a wedding at a destination!)


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