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Choosing your wedding decor is one of the most difficult aspects of organizing a Destination Wedding Decor. despite the fact that you hired a wedding coordinator. However, you must select an overall style for your wedding on your own. After all, you want things to look great and flow smoothly.

Because there are so many options for wedding decor these days, I’ve put together some ideas to assist you. Hopefully, it makes your wedding planning a little bit easier.

so, let’s start with some Destination wedding decor styles which will enhance your special day!

Rustic Wedding Decor

Natural beauty is the inspiration for rustic wedding decor. You’re aiming to bring nature into your wedding site with this idea. Use earthy tones like brown, green, and sage as your primary colour choices for your wedding. This look is very appealing in shades of navy, pastel blue, and copper, amongst other colours.

This appearance can be completed with the addition of dried flowers and the baby’s breath. And because it’ll be less formal than a typical wedding, you can integrate other things that you like into the celebration.

Bohemian Wedding Style

Bohemian-themed wedding makes you feel carefree and delighted. Bold vibrant colours like burgundy, orange, and emerald go beautifully with pastels like peach and champagne.

Don’t overdo your wedding decorations; instead, let nature’s glory serve as inspiration. Use some hand-drawn graphics to bring the overall look of this theme to life! Here, macrame, dreamcatchers, and handcrafted objects are your best friend.

In order to complete this wedding style, you’ll need to incorporate your personal flair. This is the wedding of your dreams if you have a floral crown, flowing bouquet, and flowing lace wedding gown to match.

Romantic Wedding Decor

A wedding is more romantic when there is low lighting and flowers present. Your wedding style is pastels. Shades of white, pink, blush and rose are all included. You’ll want to dress up as though you’re going to a fairytale or a medieval festival. Inviting guests with invitations made of lace immediately sets a romantic mood. Flowers and string lights are both great options for decorating your reception.

Candlelight lends a sense of warmth and cosiness to this setting. To amaze your visitors, hang a crystal chandelier and construct a wall covered in pastel flowers behind your love table. And a substantial quantity of roses and peonies.

Modern Wedding Decor

Modern weddings use clean lines and geometric shapes. Elegant, sleek, and trendy. Modern wedding decor is basic with a dash of colour. Start with black and white, then add gold and metallic. Replace flowers with foliage. Leaves, vines, and green foliage are budget-friendly. When planning your wedding, don’t fear negative space. Minimize ornamentation.

Glass votives at varied heights can provide dimension to your setting. Geometric dancefloor designs complete this aesthetic. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a scarlet ballgown instead of a white wedding dress.

Classic/Traditional Weddings

Traditional wedding decor is romantic but more classic. Your wedding decor should last. Will this style be fashionable in 10 years? 20? More? So, wanted.

Classic wedding colour palettes are straightforward. Beautiful white and creamy. Greenery and light green accents give vibrancy without overpowering. simple is the name of game.

Soft colours, soft lighting, and simple textures. Graceful. Decor simplicity. This style is made with light linens, delicate flowers, and rich foliage. You want a classy, sophisticated look, so avoid anything flamboyant.

Vintage Wedding Style

To bring your fantasies of a vintage wedding to reality, you can get ideas from weddings from decades past. Include time-honoured colours such as red, white, and black in your design. You also have the option of including elements of brass or copper.

This vintage appearance may be achieved by utilizing elements such as black-and-white photographs, antiques made of brass, ancient lanterns or lamps, and vintage trunks. This will help transport you and your guests back in time. This style may be pulled together with the help of lace and ribbon, which can be utilized on the flowers, the centrepieces, and the cake at the wedding. And pearls are the perfect accessory to complete the look.

You can finish off the appearance with some roses, an antique birdcage veil, and some other vintage accessories.

How to pick the wedding style that’s best for you

You should now have a clearer understanding of the type of wedding décor that most appeals to you. Don’t be hesitant to mix and match different looks. Rustic and boho go well together. Styles that are elegant and romantic are also prevalent. And modern touches can be included in practically any type of wedding.

Determine where you are most at ease and where you are most like yourself. In the end, it’s your big day, so make it all about you! Well, obviously, you and your fiance!

The Closing Thoughts

I hope this list has helped you figure out your wedding style and put together all the pieces of your wedding decor. I wish you the best of luck with your wedding plans, no matter if you choose a tropical wedding, an elegant Destination Wedding Decor, or something in between! have a wedding of your dreams!


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Frequently asked questions

What makes a wedding classy?

White flowers, luxuriant greenery, light linens, and modest decor are classic bridal touches. If you favour tradition over trends, consider a classic ceremony and reception.

Can you do your own Destination wedding decor?

Getting creative can save you money and make your wedding distinctive. To be successful, choose wedding décor ideas that play to your natural skills (if you knit, macramé may inspire you).

What is a wedding style?

 A “theme” wedding is more particular than a “style” wedding. A themed wedding’s details might be literal.

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