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Create an Intimate Atmosphere in a Big Space for Your Small Wedding

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Different couples may prefer different types of wedding settings, such as an intimate hotel ballroom, a trendy downtown loft, or a grand country manor. No two weddings are the same, and neither are the venues in which they take place. For example, a couple who is only inviting 50 guests to their wedding might fall in love with the exposed brick and industrial nature of a repurposed warehouse that can accommodate up to 200, and they shouldn’t be forced to scale back their plans because they are concerned that the venue might feel too large.


Ample event space may be made to feel more personal and inviting by employing a variety of clever and entertaining techniques. Check out some of our top recommendations for a small wedding down below.


Make the space feel more intimate by planting trees around it

Weddings with a rustic, boho, earthy, or even minimalist aesthetic are sure to be a hit with this concept. Trees are an excellent option for naturally dividing off a room and making the surrounding environment feel more intimate. When you want a large room to feel cozier, you should adore setting enormous artificial trees or branch arrangements about the room’s border. They not only provide a live element that completely changes the energy of a venue, but they also help visually enclose the space, which is one of its primary functions.


Utilize Pipe and Drape to Its Full Potential

utilizing pipe and drape to create the impression of a more closed-off and cozy environment! The line of sight is moved downward when you drape the ceiling, which creates the sense that the space is smaller than it actually is. Your guests won’t have the impression of being in an empty hollow room if you use a drape to partition the room and pull everything in. This will give them the impression that they are in a warm place.


Utilize Flowers to Lower the Ceiling

Bringing in elements that you can suspend from the ceiling in order to help create a more intimate setting. These elements could include floral arrangements, chandeliers, candles, or cafe lights. If the venue permits it, bring in these elements.

Transform Your Seating

Incorporating both square and rectangular tables into your seating area is a fantastic method to increase its capacity. Their sharp corners do not fit together as well on a floor plan as do round tables, and they require more room than the same number of guests would at a round table. Utilizing King’s tables is a great way to make the most of the space you have available while also providing ample room for your place settings and other decorative elements.


Be Creative with Your Use of Lighting

Have a conversation with a designer about the possibility of developing a lighting scheme that will entirely revamp your area. Imagine that you’re in a restaurant. Dimming the lights and making use of candles are common practices among dining establishments in the interest of producing a more seductive and personal atmosphere. Pin spots, also known as spotlighting tables, or using uplighting in a color that provides a sense of coziness to the space, are two additional ways to accomplish this effect. No matter what, you should make sure to keep the places that you don’t want people to see or use dark.


Create a Lounge Area

Do you want to provide your visitors with a setting in which they may socialize in a setting that is less formal? Creating inviting lounge places with comfortable furniture like couches, ottomans, and amusing pillows that are coordinated with the overall design motif of your room will help to stimulate conversation.


Strategically Cluster

Some people see a large space and immediately begin to disperse everything. One helpful piece of advice for designing the layout of a large room is to include both cross walkways (between quadrants of tables and around a central dance floor) as well as space around the outside of the room to walk, effectively pulling everything towards a center focal point such as the DJ and dance floor or sweetheart table. This can be accomplished by designing the room layout with both cross walkways and space around the outside of the room to walk.


Frequently asked questions:

How do you establish the right mood for a wedding?

To overcome this, first establish a cozy, softly lit environment. Consider a unified color scheme, coordinated linens, a ton of candles, and more. To make the space feel smaller and cozier, get rid of mirrors, strong colors, and bright lights. Incorporate smaller seating areas or lounge environments on purpose.


How can you make a big hall seem smaller?

Dark colors absorb light, giving the impression that a space is smaller. Choose warm, deep colors, and you might even think about painting your ceiling a darker color to make it appear lower. Additionally, you can experiment with thick, textured materials in deep hues and striking, dramatic window treatments.


What is the smallest wedding you can have?

An intimate event, a micro wedding, often has no more than 50 people. They nevertheless incorporate the beloved customs that distinguish a wedding, albeit on a much smaller scale. To us, that sounds good!

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