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Christmas Wedding Ideas That Will Make You Feel Cheerful

It’s the most lovely time of the year—to get married during Christmas! If you love the holidays as much as we do, you might want to think about having a winter wedding right before Christmas. A December wedding might be the ideal occasion to enjoy the holidays and, in essence, have the best party ever. However, how do you celebrate in a manner that feels more sophisticated than, say, your yearly itchy sweater party or White Elephant gift exchange?


Since weddings are kind of our thing, it’s a good thing for you that we’ve come up with some really stylish—yet festive! —ideas that will definitely get you (and all of your guests) in the holiday spirit. What is the season’s first directive? Don’t overdo it! Instead of having little stockings as party favors, fake snow on every table, and red and green everything, make your decor classy by strategically and selectively using Christmas magic.


We’ve put together a list of 18 original, fitting-for-the-season, and completely elegant Christmas wedding ideas as inspiration for you.


Personalize the Invitation Package

Your wedding photo gallery and/or album will most likely take its cues from the invitation suite, just as the invitation suite is responsible for establishing the mood for the big day itself. Because of this, it is an excellent location to show your appreciation for the season by decorating paper items with festive embellishments such as ornaments, ribbons, and greenery.


Welcome Guests

Consider including a wedding ornament in the welcome bag as a way to subtly greet guests attending a December wedding ceremony and reception. You are free to select any style you like, but you should make an effort to coordinate it with some element of your wedding, such as the location, the subject matter, or the color scheme.


Set the Stage

It should come as no surprise that a Christmas wedding would benefit from the addition of greenery. However, this does not compel you to use it in the manner that would normally be anticipated. garlands can also be utilized to line the drape of the tent, chandeliers, and pool; in addition, you can’t help but notice the berry highlights and the traditional red ribbon!

Using Christmas Trees as a Border Around the Altar

What would a wedding day with a Christmas theme be without any Christmas trees? If you are getting married in the evening, you will gain extra credit for decorating your evergreens with lights because this will frame your altar.


Serve Festive Drinks in Cocktail Glasses

Infusing your food and drink with Christmassy flavors like eggnog, peppermint, and cranberry can be a pleasant (but subtle!) way to bring a touch of the holiday spirit to what you’re serving.


Make Your Own Personalized Napkins

A cocktail with a signature garnish requires a napkin with the same motif. This witty and perfect play on words has us completely besotted.


Create Your Own Unique Signage

You may take your Christmas wedding to the next level by employing special terminology all throughout the day, from the invites to the signs and even the names of the cocktails. Not only did the bride and groom of the wedding choose to call their signature cocktail “Jingle Juice,” but they also made it known to their guests by including a merry jingle bell straw (complete with a name tag!) in each crystal-cut glass.


Serve canapes shaped like trees

There are some recipes that lend themselves particularly well to festive transformations—quite literally! Just take a look at these canapes in the shape of Christmas trees. They are made of cucumbers, cheese, and nuts.


Play with Jingle Bells

Give each guest a jingle bell as a party favor, and then use the bells in place of escort cards before dinner. This modern twist on a Christmas tradition is one that we adore so much that we believe you should just go ahead and adopt it and have everyone ring the bell at the same time before the toats begin. Believe us when we say that it will make for a memorable occasion for both you and your guests!


Make use of Seasonal Flowers

At this time of year, potted amaryllis flowers are a common sight, so why not include them in the decor of your winter wedding! Taking this appearance to the next level can be accomplished by adorning the space around the arrangements with accents of metallic ornaments and emerald green paper items.


Frequently asked questions:

What is the cost of a wedding in 2022?

The Wedding Report estimates that the overall cost of a wedding in 2022 will be approximately $27,000, which is roughly equivalent to the price of a wedding in 2021.


What is the new trend for weddings?

Couples and families are increasingly choosing to hold smaller, more personal gatherings so that they may spend more money on a higher caliber of experience and put less emphasis on putting on a show. A wedding celebration will be more memorable for you and the people you care about if careful attention is paid to little details, such as the personalization of gifts and the creation of one-of-a-kind customizations.


What makes weddings so expensive?

The short answer is that weddings involve a lot of moving components, including but not limited to caterers, receptions, photographs, videography, and makeup. Because each of these things incurs a financial cost, the total price tag will rise rather rapidly.

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