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Brighten Your Reception with Neon Wedding Signs

neon wedding

We adore a nice wedding sign, particularly one made of neon materials. Displaying your name or favorite quote in a neon wedding sign is a proven way to make your wedding celebration pop, from a ceremony backdrop and welcome signage to bar decor. But with so many design and usage options, how can upcoming brides and grooms make use of this fashionable component? Luckily, here are some suggestions for using neon wedding signs at your wedding for newly engaged couples.

Keep it compact: A sleek neon sign that has been hand-crafted with a charming cursive sentiment is stylish enough to stand on its own. Therefore, not only will you be able to save money on additional extravagant wedding decorations, but you will also be making an investment in a piece that can be displayed in your house!

Convey yourself: The greatest benefit of neon signs? You can use them to show off your individuality in a new way. “Share a sentiment special to your relationship like ‘It was always you.'” “With a ‘You had me at hello!’ sign, hint at how you met, and shout out where you’re from with something like ‘New York love.'”


Illumine the path: The signs are typically used during weddings to point visitors on the appropriate route. Why not welcome guests in a more contemporary manner with a luminous ‘Welcome’ neon sign or a direction that reads, “Meet us at the bar,’ pointing to cocktail hour? It serves as a humorous manner to direct visitors.


Add your hashtag: Want your tech-savvy guests to tag your wedding images on social media for quick access? There is no better way to promote your chosen tag than by having it in the light.


Boost your gratitude: “Ask your wedding photographer to snap a shot of you holding a specially crafted ‘Thank you or ‘Merci’ neon sign on the big day, “. On the front of your wedding thank-you cards, it will look amazing!

Here are some incredible neon wedding signs because it seems like this wedding trend won’t be going away anytime soon.

  1. Create Gilded Glam

The sweltering Palm Spring weddings had a gold-accented black-and-white color theme that evoked bygone splendor. With its slick black exterior, gold-painted palm leaves, and a neon sign that captures the same warmth of their golden glow, the dramatic bar completely nails the aesthetic.

  1. Brighten Dark Wood

With the addition of a creamy white neon sign and flower accents, the dark timber background comes to life. The neon wedding sign, which displays the couple’s unique hashtag, is surrounded by an avant-garde, asymmetrical installation of garden roses and foliage.

  1. Enhance the DJ booth

If there is one wedding element that is guaranteed to go overlooked, at least in terms of its visual presentation, it is the DJ booth, which is frequently obscured by the darkness. The couple enlivened theirs with a one-of-a-kind neon sign that they had made, which was one of their decorations.

  1. Punctuate Your Language

Puns are hilarious, and there’s a strong possibility that your guests will like them just as much as you do. The woodland wedding cleverly put a neon sign that read “Drunk in Love” on the bar, which just so happened to be located right next to the dance floor.

  1. Wrap a Canvas with Macrame

Mixing in different aspects of decoration can give your space some spatial depth and help promote your theme even further. In order to incorporate a bohemian flavor into their space and draw attention to their pink neon sign, the couple hung a macrame masterpiece behind it. They bring attention to the bride’s amazing fringed sleeves.

  1. Beautify the dessert

Make a strong impression with the presentation of your desert decor. With the sign prominently displayed, there is no question that guests will be able to locate their own slice of cake.


  1. Make a Candlelit Decor

If you want to give your wedding an unexpected and incredibly photogenic glow, mixing a neon sign with candles is the way to go. Not to mention that jaw-dropping baroque wallpaper that gives the room a touch of drama.

  1. Monogram It

The neon bar sign exudes stylish elegance in spades, in contrast to the majority of neon bar signs, which tend to take on a groovy, nightclub look. The lovely pair has a bespoke monogram made up of their combined initials, and the ingenious invention at the bar shines a light on it.


Frequently asked question

Are neon signs outdated?

Over the past century, neon lighting, almost as ancient as electrical technology, has seen ups and downs, but it is currently experiencing a fresh and potentially long-lasting upswing.


Is neon signage expensive?

The cost of neon signs is actually rather low when compared to other possibilities. Because they are the world’s fifth-most common chemical, they can be created continuously.


How long do neon signs last?

Most neon signs are expected to survive between eight and fifteen years, while many remain operational for much longer. Leaving a sign on for extended periods of time might reduce its lifespan and put it at risk of overheating or being damaged by electrical surges.


What is the difference between neon and LED?

They both create light, but according to how they are transformed, they each have a unique visual flavor. Neon signs employ actual glass tubes, which is the most obvious difference between them. LED signs, on the other hand, are created by connecting strips of light-emitting diodes to simulate neon lighting.

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