All-White Wedding Cake Ideas: Simple Yet Scrumptious!

All-White Wedding Cake Ideas: Simple Yet Scrumptious!

One element that every bride and groom wants to ensure is excellent is their wedding cake. Classic white cake can be from simple while to infused with crazy colours. It is where the real confusion lies. Wouldn't it be a white plane way too simple? Wouldn't that be way too much color? And the confusion continues. We're here to end your confusion with answers to the cliché questions. In addition, we've compiled a list of expert-backed white wedding cake ideas (for which you can thank us later!) to assist you in realizing all of your wedding cake design fantasies.

White Wedding Cakes: Top Tips

Finding inspiration is the first and the crucial step in the wedding cake process. But not listening to cake bakers and wedding professionals' advice sure make you miss the best ideas. As they're the experts, they have worked on numerous wedding cake recipes and have worked on how simple ingredients like all-purpose flour, powdered sugar, and egg whites are transformed from cake batter in cake pans into whimsical wedding cakes. Whether you prefer basic white wedding cakes or over-the-top, exquisite white wedding cakes, these must-know techniques will help you bring your dream white cake to reality.

Cakes Made Entirely Of White Don't Have To Be Boring

Get this in the head loud and clear! Don't mistake equating a lack of color with a lack of personality. All-white wedding cakes can be rather striking. Adding texture to a traditional white cake's design is a terrific method to add visual appeal.

Wedding expert Stephanie Sadowski of SRS Events advises, "An all-white wedding cake is a timeless look! It's elegant, classic, and yet adding some additional texture or details to the cake can give it a whimsical vibe. "Further, the founder and CEO of WedBrilliant, Melissa Wilmot, our of her immense love for cakes says, "the addition of piped white frosting. Curving around layers in tendrils, or more geometric in pattern, or even adding your initials—you can't go wrong. It adds texture without the color and will make any cake almost (almost) too perfect for eating."

An All-White Wedding Cake: How to Decorate It

Wedding planner Ashley Lachney of Alston Mayger Events says, "Your white cake doesn't have to look vanilla, even if it is a vanilla cake." That's exactly the opposite of what people usually think of when planning to choose simple flavors for their wedding cake. Incorporating various aspects into the cake can transform it. Flowers, both fresh and sugar flowers, are a terrific way to give a burst of personality to a classic white wedding cake, in addition to texture. Danielle Lombardi and Hannah Ludden of Joyfully suggest "find that cakes take on a life of their own just by the flowers and texture personalized for each couple. The fresh florals that get added can create a unique look for each cake design!"

Experiment With Different Flavours

Even if you want a visually simple cake, you and your spouse can still have fun with festive wedding cake flavors rather than sticking to a vanilla or almond white cake recipe. Simply put, a simple exterior does not have to imply a simple interior. If you're icing your cake in white buttercream frosting or draping fondant over the bake, your flavor possibilities are virtually endless.

Take The Entire Cake Table Into Consideration

"Cakes are such a fun focal point throughout the reception," Lachney says, "and there are many ways to create an eye-catching display." The whole presentation of a wedding cake has an impact. No matter how beautiful a cake is on its own, putting it on a simple table without care would detract from the entire effect. However, focusing on the dessert table and organizing it to reflect the wedding's design would mesmerize attendees.

Ideas for White Wedding Cakes

Save the lone you love to share with your wedding cake baker to up your wedding dessert game. You'd be obsessed with the ideas below if you've always wanted a white wedding cake, even if you hadn't paid much attention to your wedding cake until now. Read further to look through our top three all-white wedding cake picks.

Wafer Paper Decorations on an Elegant White Wedding Cake

A small two-tier cake has a tremendous visual impact. The cake is covered in shard-like ornaments that add a salivate texture.

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Ribbon and flower accents on a fondant wedding cake

If you're stuck for ideas for your wedding cake, look no further than your wedding gown. If you're wearing a wedding gown with ribbons and flower appliqués, match the ribbons and floral appliqués on the surface of your wedding cake.

Acrylic Dividers on a Modern White Wedding Cake

Clear acrylic cubes packed with flora were placed in between the modern white wedding cake layers of this dessert to provide a little something extra.