Astounding Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Astounding Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

A wedding is a dream event in the bride and groom's life. Apart from the wedding ceremony being the big day, the wedding reception offers a big time for the loved ones to celebrate this big moment. It decides to select the wedding reception though. Over the years, the Wedding Reception Decoration has transformed. Today wedding reception decorations range from simple to something bold and epic depending on the bride and groom's requirements.

We know how tough it can get wedding decor inspiration, so we have put together a list of Wedding Venue decor ideas that will swoon the guests. We have incorporated ideas keeping every aspect of wedding decoration ideas in mind.

Modern Wedding Decoration Ideas

The trendy modern wedding is a choice for most couples these days. Modern weddings can go from a sleek and minimal look to of-the-moment colors and textures.

How about opting for paper lanterns and giant marquee lights? It would give you the perfect touch of a modern and trendy wedding. Those who are looking to have selected beige and mauve wedding colors the wedding can go for Boho chandeliers. You can also add silver disco balls and a custom neon wedding sign to your wedding reception decoration.

For the couple who are looking to ditch the fresh flower backdrop yet don't want to miss the feeling. How about adding an oversize printed floral backdrop? To elevate the dinner table look, add warm acrylic shades with velvet tablecloths. If you are a fan of the long reception table, then you can go for placing the sleek black taper candles on your long reception table.

Over-the-Top Wedding Decoration Ideas

Not all couples are fans of sleek and minimal weddings, and it is quite normal. Posing colors to overdoing the decoration also adds the glam and luxury the couple is looking for in their wedding reception. Quench the thirst for more ideas with these over-the-top wedding decor ideas. 

If you are planning for a fall wedding and are looking forward to having a tented and rustic wedding, the beaded and woven chandeliers would add more charm to your wedding reception decoration. You can elevate the look with dried foliage garlands hung above the reception tables.

If you are looking to experiment with the color combination for your garden wedding, give the red and black decor a try. Consider adding this color to every detail of the decor, including napkins. Navy and gold wedding colors would surely assist you in enhancing the richness of your wedding decor. You can go for beaded chandeliers and navy velvet chairs to enhance the space.

If you both want chandeliers but want to add something over the top to match your expectations, crystal chandeliers and gold chandeliers are the right choices for you.

Make sure to choose various lighting options to keep the well-illuminated and bring the best aspects of decor to the eye of the attendees. No matter how many minute details you add to the decor, nothing will make much sense if you do not add the right lighting. The lights can take the entire wedding decor to a whole new level.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

Not all are big fans of modern or over-the-top weddings. If you are among the one who wants to make the most of your big day yet want to select the simplest wedding decor ideas, then we have some quite impressive suggestions for you too.

Let's start with the entrance, as first impressions always matter. You can go for either simple drapes or a balloon installation. Further, to give a stunning effect to the venue without overdoing it, you can go for white and woven lanterns hung. If you are thinking of twine, mason jars, and burlap, then that's not the only option for simple weddings. Pastel pink can also be an option for your rustic wedding.

One of the important aspects of a wedding is chairs. Do not forget to throw in unique black residential-inspired chairs to complete the entire look.

Wedding Dinner Decoration Ideas

No wedding receptions are complete without dinner. Food matters, and the ambiance and the setting in which you serve the food. It is why we have got you covered with dining table ideas. If you are an option for an intimate wedding, then you can go with planning the table under the canopy of twinkle lights.

Another idea is a tablescape with ornate lamps interspersed in the decor. You can also go for a boho pampas grass arrangement suspended above the reception table. Do all the reception tables have a long rectangle? Well, no, you can surely choose curvy serpentine tables.