The Popular Wedding Flower Trends 2022 - You Should Know

The Popular Wedding Flower Trends 2022 - You Should Know

Every year, one of our beloved things to do is get a first look at the newest and most exciting wedding trends, from fashion to decor, food, entertainment, and more. The same goes for the 2022 wedding flower trends, which come with an added bonus they're just so lovely to look at.

If you're in the midst of wedding planning and looking for wedding flower ideas, this year's trends have something to offer for everybody. And no matter what you choose, remember that your floral arrangements are a tried-and-true way to fetch life and personality to your wedding decor, which is finally the goal. Keep reading for our favourite expert predictions and how to use these 2022 wedding flower trends for your own special day.

Colour is here to stay.

Last year, bold colours started to design a comeback and that trend is to stay for a while. We’re seeing many of our 2022 brides opting for bolder colour palettes. Expect to see lots of bright pinks, purples, reds, and oranges this year.

Earthy Neutrals are a close second.

Muted earthy hues are running for a close second in our colour trend predictions. Perhaps a settlement between the neutrals of the past and the bold of the future. Sunset, mauve, rust, and amber tones will make an appearance as a safe alternative to full colour.

The texture on texture.

Wedding and rental trends ever tend to follow the trends in interior design. And with that, it should be no surprise that rattan, pampas, and dried floral essence will be a popular choice this year. You’ll see this trend pulled into wedding florals, along with the ceremony and reception decor as well.

Larger-than-life florals.

We’ve seen over-the-top florals on the celebrity front this year. You may recall Paris Hilton’s ceremony floral install, which included over $100K worth of fresh flowers to serve as the ceremony backdrop. Expect full-floral arches and larger-than-life ceremony installs to be the focus in 2022.

Organic Arrangements

Flowers don’t ever increase into a good shape as expected, but couples are embracing their organic shape—a perfect analogy to how they’ve had to adjust their expectations of what their wedding might look like over the last few years.

If you study nature, you understand that flowers do not grow in a perfect shape, rather they grow in various directions and that is what makes nature so beautiful.

Dramatic Designs

Go big or go home is the M.O. of many couples after waiting to have their wedding for so long. Smalls also foresees an increase in dramatic floral designs for 2022. “Some of the favourite floral styles include dramatic floral designs, floral arches in various shapes and sizes, elegant cascading flowers, floral borders that combine various colours and textures, suspended abstract designs, floral ceilings, and floral chandeliers,” says Smalls, just to name a few.

Floral Aisles and Scattered Petals

During the pandemic, the rise of intimate weddings, micro weddings, and outdoor ceremonies fast-tracked the trend of relaxed, garden-inspired floral designs—not just in terms of bouquets and centerpieces, but also whimsical planted aisles, potted arrangements as aisle runners and oversized flower arches on city stoops. And while these larger-than-life designs were mostly born out of a requirement to make the most of outdoor space during a time when it wasn't safe to celebrate indoors—they're still continuing to grow in popularity.

Cloudlike Designs

After the past few years, it's safe to say that we could all profit from escaping to someplace dreamy, and some couples are taking that notion literally. Ethereal, cloudlike arrangements that hang out from the venue roofing or float across floors and tables are another 2022 floral trend on the rise. Baby's breath, or gypsophila, is the go-to for these types of arrangements—and while it's traditionally seen as a 'filler flower,' florists are coming up with gorgeous ways to use baby's breath to make it the center of attention.

Unique Textures

In terms of texture, you're not just limited to fresh greenery like eucalyptus, which has become par for the course in wedding floral design. dried flowers, grasses, and other preserved accents can be an interesting way to add dimension to your flower arrangements if you're looking for something trendy and unexpected. Boho pampas grass falls under this category, but your florist can also use a handful of other accents, like flowering branches, dried Lunaria, seasonal foliage, or locally foraged elements to give your arrangements a truly unique finish.