5 Trending Wedding Colors for 2022 (How to Use Them)

5 Trending Wedding Colors for 2022 (How to Use Them)

Wedding planning is a tedious job as there are numerous aspects involved. To nail down the wedding decor, start with focusing on choosing the perfect color scheme as it would provide the needed aesthetics to complete the look of your wedding decor. The color not only sets the tone of the wedding but also plays a part in how the invitees will feel. In our recent encounter with the wedding planning experts, they have surely given us insights into the Trending Wedding Colors you would see throughout 2022 in various aspects of the wedding decor, from floral arrangements to the wedding cake. 

This year the couple is going for more mood-boosting hues and basics for their wedding. Here are the color ideas that you can consider for your wedding. 

Peachy Pink

Peach and light orange tones have made it to the list of 2022 wedding colors that would be trending. Apart from the old and trending rosy blush and mauve hues, the latest addition to the list is the light peachy color palette. Not just light shades of the peach, people are also opting for some of the deep shades of peach. The trending color combinations are peach and periwinkle, pale peach, and mint green, enhancing the aesthetics of your wedding decor. 

Light peach is aesthetically pleasing as both main color and an accent hue. The peach-colored wedding flowers and attire with this couple's palette give an ultra-romantic vibe. There are a variety of flowers to choose from dahlias, alstroemeria, roses, tulips, and more. 


In the recent past, we have witnessed the use of more green color as a primary or accent tone. It has also become one of the popular choices of color, especially for the couple option tropical wedding theme. The green offers a calming tone to the invitees. It is also observed that the wedding decor with green hues gives it a more festive effect.

To take adding green to your wedding to a whole new level, consider adding them to your wedding attire too. Apart from a green jacket or patterned tie for the groom, the bridesmaid can go for opting sleek green slip dresses. If you want to add it to the details, then opting for jewelry emerald gem would do the thing.


Yes, this might come as a surprise for many but yellow is going to be one of the biggest wedding colors in 2022, especially for Winter Wedding. This bright and cheerful color has not been part of the decors over the years, but this is likely to change this year. Yellow is all set to be the secondary color in the wedding color palettes of many weddings. The choice of tone would vary from soft buttery tones to deep rich mustards and burnt yellow. If you are planning to opt for a mostly white or neutral color palette for your wedding, yellow is the best fit ascent color. You can include yellow in linens, gold flatware, colored glass, and more. The option for yellow flowers includes heirloom roses, peonies, and cream-colored carnations. 

Light Blue 

Blue always has been one of the most chosen colour from the palette and for all obvious reasons. It is going to be the same this year too. We are going to witness the wedding with blue hues in 2022, especially the lighter blue tones. The Pantone's color of the year 2022 - Very Peri is going to be a part of most weddings. The people are finding it joyful to execute their creativity with the periwinkle blue, and we can't agree more. However, it won't be the only blue that will be trending this year. We will see cerulean, French ultramarine, and more. 

As blue is one of the easiest to adapt wedding colors, it is easy to utilize in various aspects of wedding decor and attire. As a part of the color scheme, you can opt for other pastel colors like blush and lilac, along with the blue hues. If you want to create a more vibrant look, iridescent and holographic accents are exquisite considerations. You can incorporate the blue in various details like silk bouquet ribbons, chinoiserie plates, colored glassware, and of course, flowers.

Earth Tones

This year is going to be all about minimalist and boho weddings. That includes incorporating minimalistic and boho neutrals too. However, we will witness the incorporation of darker accent tones with the tone from earthy palettes. The earth tones include nude, beige, soft white, dusty rose, and rust. The brown tone as the base for this neutral tone is becoming more popular than white. You can also include bleach as an accent color to enhance the element of drama in the look.