Wedding Cake Trends to Know in 2022

Wedding Cake Trends to Know in 2022

Planning for a wedding in 2022 is one of the most tedious jobs to finalize the wedding dress, venue, guest list, theme, decoration, food items, and more facets. Oh! Snap, we just missed the wedding cake. It is surely the heart of weddings. Just as the wedding dress, the wedding cakes are quite a unique choice. They can go from gorgeous, contemporary, modern, artistic, and cute to dramatic. The couple surely invests time and money in finding the impressive wedding day cake.

To help you with it, we have listed Wedding Cake Trends that are worth considering.

Geode Cake

If you are a crystal lover, this cake would be quite a beauty to behold. Your guest would surely be stunned by the beautiful classic white wedding cakes with fissure opening out showing stunning edible crystals. You can make the cake more meaningful by choosing the crystals wisely. You can look for their favorite crystal, birth month crystal, or so to add more meaning to the cake. Now, isn’t that out of the box!

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Pressed Edible Flowers 

Yes, Edible flowers it is. We all adore the beauty of flowers, no matter the age or occasion. Why not incorporate this in the wedding cake too? The Edible flowers Cake is one of the hottest Wedding Cake Trends this year, and we are not surprised at all. You can opt for various flowers and herbs available in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Individual Mini Cakes

Why go with the cliché idea of having a large wedding cake when you can have individual mini cakes for each guest instead? Your guest surely would praise your choice of them having an entire mini cake all by themselves than a slice.

Black Cakes

Who knows that black cake would make the perfect wedding cake design? Well, it is one of the Wedding Cake Trends today. You can opt for single-tier or multi tire black cakes for impressive wedding day cakeyour special day. Let your dark and moody vibes reflect through this cake.

Hand Painted

One of the best ways to add personalization to your cake is by getting a hand-painted wedding cake. The cakes are the work of with the cake as the base for wedding cake artists to showcase their abstract brush strokes. They would add an incredible amount of detail and create a cake like none other.

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Modern Art Masterpieces

The wedding cake experts suggest it as the trend here to stay. These cakes are small sculptures of modern art. The designs are works of modern creative art. The artists would seek abstract or modern art inspiration and add in the cake forms of layers and textures. They not only reflect your uniqueness personally but also add a minimalist vibe.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order soon!