The Top Wedding Trends of 2022

The Top Wedding Trends of 2022

COVId sure changed our lives; now that the situations are relieving, couples now have peace of mind regarding their wedding plans. A wedding is a big day for the bride and groom where they vow to spend life together. It is a big celebration too for their big days, which is why they want to make sure that the wedding is like none other. After reflecting on the meaning of life in various aspects during COVID, now people are returning to core values even when planning the wedding too. This is what the wedding trends of 2022 will also be about - the couple's values. 

To keep you enlightened about the wedding trends, you must look out if you are looking forward to getting married in 2022; we have put together the below trends. 

Luxury Yet Relaxed

A lavish huge formal wedding is just the dream of most couples these days. Well, it is going to be not that way this year. During COVID, it was witnessed that people were getting married in their backyards, in city hall, or even online. Now the couple who are planning to get married this year wants it to be an enjoyable event rather than a huge typical wedding. They are more inclined to opt for an epic dance party with friends. So for this year, we will witness much-relaxed luxury and more crazy parties at the wedding. 

Exquisite Domestic Destinations

The destination at which you hold the wedding is the most crucial aspect. It can make or break your wedding experience if you have not taken various considerations when choosing one. This year is going to be all about choosing breathtaking domestic destinations. These destinations will not only make the wedding a memorable one but would add a splendid scenic backdrop. From beaches, mountains, islands, forests to cities, the destination can be anywhere as far as it fits your requirements. 

Multi-Day and Multi-Generational Experiences

The presence of all loved ones is becoming more important after the COVID with increased awareness of making as many memories as possible. Couples are taking special notes to enhance various aspects of their wedding owing to offering multi-generational experiences to their loved ones. This starts with planning different events for different sets of guests. 

The multi-generational and multi-day events are likely to go hand in hand given the different events that couples have to plan, keeping the requirements of different sets of guests, including friends.

Destinations Embracing Nature

If both of you are a big fan of nature and are looking to plan an outdoor wedding, then destinations offering a close touch with nature would be a great choice. In fact, this is one of the trends that you will witness this year. During COVID, we all were forced to stay indoors, and no wonder we developed an urge to be among nature. The geography sure would offer great scenic lookouts to the guests apart from a soothing experience.  

Prioritizing Wellness

Deteriorated mental health is the most likely outcome of the recent health crisis the world has faced. This is why couples are taking wellness practices seriously. Couples are ensuring that their guests have easy access to vitamin-infused IV drips for the week-long wedding affairs. Not just guests but the couple themselves are meeting therapists, bridal party, scheduling procedures, getting personalized skincare and nutrition routines, and more for internal preparation for the wedding apart from external. 

Adding Individualisation To Menu

When planning a wedding, food is something that should not be missed. The 2022 catering trends are going to be all about individual servings. This includes mini wedding cakes and canned cocktails along with tiny charcuterie boards. The idea is to provide peace of mind amid the hygiene insecurities that have made their way into our daily life processes. Individual servings will ensure food servings are done to the guests safely. 

Individualization also comes with added individuality and the personal touch of the couple. From couples' favorite food on the menu to serving dishes that have been a part of their love story, planning the menu has become more micro than we have ever imagined. 

Weddings On Weekdays 

The hype that wedding parties on Saturdays get is no more the choice of most couples. They are planning their wedding event on a Thursday. The priority has shifted from the day the event is being planned to making the most out of the wedding no matter what day of the week it is planned. This is definitely a big shift. 2022 sure will be all about normalizing weddings on weekdays!