Latest Beach Wedding Accessories in 2022

Latest Beach Wedding Accessories in 2022

Waterfront Beach Venues are among the most popular venues for weddings. saline air, sand in between your toes, and romantic sunsets make beaches the perfect setting. While choosing the wedding dress and suit for a beach wedding might be what comes to mind first when planning, there are other great accessories you can add too. Bring the beach theme and ocean vibes to life throughout your big day with these fun beach wedding accessories.


If your celebration is out on the waterfront when the sun is still out, you might want to incorporate a small area for shoes and/or sunscreen. This space could be a great way for your guests to see that you’ve thought of them when planning and want them to be comfortable and relaxed during the Celebration. If your guests know the Function is on the beach, they’ll likely wear suitable shoes. If they’d rather go barefoot (and you’re ok with it), adding a space for them to ditch their shoes is a great touch. Whether you have a sign designating an area in the sand or a big basket, it’s an easy touch to add into your wedding.


Another popular way to add the beach into your theme is through jewelry. Shell jewelry is jewelry that is primarily made from seashells, the shells of marine mollusks. Shell jewelry is a type of shellcraft. One very common form of shell jewelry is necklaces that are composed of large numbers of beads, where each individual bead is the whole (but often drilled) shell of a small sea snail. Numerous other varieties of shell jewelry are made, including bracelets and earrings.

Seashells are beautiful when incorporated on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even hairpins. If you’re looking for an authentic look try actual shell jewelry or just nod to the theme with silver or gold shaped shell jewelry. This subtle detail is beautiful and really helps complete any beach bridal look.

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Shiny flowers and beaches really go together. Since photos typically start while bridal parties are getting ready, brides love to wear custom robes. Buy a gown that boasts bright colors or flowers to bring the beach vibes to life early in the day. The colors will pop in your photos and the robe could be a great bathing suit cover-up for your honeymoon.


A great way to welcome your guests to your Ceremony. If the beach is your celebration soil surface, it’s easy to opt for simple decor. One way to make the scene really pop is through floral leis & crowns. Save them for photos on the sea coast for your bridal party or have them incorporated throughout the whole event for a fun holiday vibe.


Who doesn’t love a pair of custom sunglasses while lounging on the beach? These make fun party favors and are great accessories for your beach wedding party. Buy in bulk and add your wedding date and hashtag to the side or just capture a bunch of aviators for a great gift that’s both functional and unique. People wear sunglasses all year round when outside, so they’re ideal for any season. There are infinite unique ways to incorporate the beach into your big day.

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