Top 7 Awesome Advantages of Cool Winter Wedding

Top 7 Awesome Advantages of Cool Winter Wedding

When choosing the date for your big day, there are a lot of factors to think, and with fall now becoming the most popular season for weddings, more and more brides and grooms are saying "I Do" during the colder months.

Today, we’re sharing why a winter wedding can be just as lovely, if not better, than a spring or summer occasion. If you're considering October – March for your wedding date, then read on!

  1. Spectacular, Cool Weather

Wherever you are, crisp winter weather can be a big asset for a winter wedding. The cool air means make-up doesn’t melt and hair doesn’t frizz. Snow and fog can create absolutely glorious photos. And best of all, partying inside and looking out on a chill day, creates a sense of cosiness that will unite you and your guests

  1. Easy for Guests

Did you know guest assent rates for fall and winter weddings are typically far higher than summer weddings? There's a good reason for it.

Regardless of the coronavirus crisis, winter travel and hotel rates have always been less expensive. If you need to book a block of hotel rooms, then you’ll have more leverage for a discount. Right now, flights are remarkably cheap, so it could be a good time to scoop up a winter bargain—for yourselves, and your guests

  1. More Venue Date and Better Rates

Once you decide on a winter wedding, you may have a better chance at getting your dream venue as well, seeing as there is less competition with date selection as opposed to the summer months. Because these dates aren't as popular, most venues offer discounted rates and better deals in hopes to secure weddings during the off-season, and many vendors may provide lower rates as well.

  1. Affordable Travel and Accommodation

Weddings after the holiday season may bring a lot of affordability to both you and your guests! Friends and family traveling to your wedding can find inexpensive post-holiday airfare and save on travel costs. Hotels may also offer room blocks at lower rates for wedding guests, seeing as the winter months can be slower on business.

  1. Less Weather worriment

While yes, Mother Nature can be very unpredictable in the winter, there are some factors that you won't have to stress about. The lack of heat and humidity can assure a level of comfort for you and your guests. Plus, there's no need to worry about how to handle a sudden change in ceremony, since the event will most likely be taking place indoors.

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  1. Bonus (and Free) Decorations

Many venues decorate their locations for the holidays, and depending on what date you choose, you might get to enjoy those decorations as well! Holiday lights, necklace and snow flake designs can embellish your winter wedding without having to shell out the extra cash to do it yourself. Plus, if it snows, who would turn down lovely natural snowy wedding photos!

  1. Be Prepared

What is the key to a flawless wedding celebration? Preparation. At Windows on the Lake Weddings, we always say: "hope for the best while being ready for the worst." Rain, sleet or hail—your team will be ready to bring your ceremony inside to keep you and your guests safe and dry. We'll make sure we have umbrellas on hand to escort you and your guests inside.

Our wedding team also always carries an emergency kit, filled with 30+ years of experience. If hair droops or frizzes, we're always on hand with a bobby pin or or curler. Our team will look after you throughout your wedding anybody season you choose. We hear time and time again that couples are glad they picked fall or winter for their big date!