5 Ways To Personalize Your Mitzvah Or Sweet Sixteen

5 Ways To Personalize Your Mitzvah Or Sweet Sixteen

Whoa! Mazel tov, Bar Mitzvah! You reached the teen’s milestone birthday; Mitzvah! Your sweet sixteen. It’s bigger of a deal, and we agree with it. It’s time to celebrate it will all the energy with friends and family. Today everything is for the gram (Instagram)! If you want Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen Party to be unique or talk of the internet. It would surely take a hell of creative Sweet Sixteen Ideas.

Keep reading further to explore the tips to make your Sweet 16 Birthday Party Themes & Ideas uniquely yours.

1.    The Perfect Venue

The selection of the party venue would say a lot about your personality. Consider your theme and party idea when selecting the venue, as you do not want to end up hosting Oscar on a football field! You can opt for virtually anything from an elegant ballroom to the beach.

2.    Signature Dishes & Drinks

There is quite a room for personalization from the main course to drinks and desserts. You can incorporate the ingredient to enhance the theme color or represent your favorite color. Alike the venue, the food at your party would be a mere reflection of your personality if you want it to be. If the venue you select does not offer personalized, you sure will find vendors that do.

3.    Live Performances

Not that you have a venue in; might you have given a thought to what your entry would be? We bet you do not want to walk in your Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen Party like you invitees. Nah! That’s a flop idea. To maintain the energy of your party, how about recreating your favorite music video? Don’t be shy to choreograph one yourself. We would have cheered you to cloud nine if you had invited us. A dance performance is not the only option; it is about showcasing your skills in the performance. We bet Instagram live would break the internet!

4.    Photo-ops

Your photos are part of your part décor; how’s the idea? Does it sound intimidating? Don’t restrain yourself; it would turn out way better than you fear. It is the hit way to personalize your party. Go all dramatics, get the pre-party shoot done; the favorite movie looks, retro setups, sports team, and anything that you are imagining of right now. Social media walls would steal the show for sure. Do not forget to add some of the photos with your invitees, most probably your friends. It would make them feel they belonged to your Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen Party.

5.    End Game Décor

Photo ops, not your thing? Not a problem. How about displaying your name in the font size that says it aloud rather than screams! Apart from giant letters, you can pick a unique way to incorporate them. Your imagination would be the limit. You can take the help of the venue staff to come up with something creative. Settle for nothing less than Top bar mitzvah themes.

Do not forget to make the moments as we do not remember the days but rather the moments!