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Best Wedding Shower Themes Suitable for Spring and Summer Seasons

Wedding Shower

Bridal showers have a reputation for being a bit of a pain, despite the fact that everyone wants to make the future bride feel special and honored. In particular, if this is your ninth bridal shower of the year, you may find that having the same bridal Wedding Shower themes, activities, and brunch cuisine can become a little bit dull.

Thankfully, things don’t have to be this all the time. For bridal showers held in the spring and summer, there is a limitless variety of options for contemporary celebratory themes that are certain to surprise and excite your guests.


Dive into a Pool Party

One of the many advantages of throwing a party by the pool is the creation of a laid-back environment that guests can enjoy while basking in the sun. Put some entertaining floats in the pool the flamingo is our personal favorite and provide personalized beach towels to each of your guests as a gift. Classic drinks, such as daiquiris, cool beers, and Arnold Palmers, should be offered at the poolside bar, along with light appetizers, such as guacamole and ceviche. Make sure that the invitation is worded correctly so that your visitors know they need to bring their swimwear.


Have a Tequila and Tacos Party!

Tuesdays are no longer reserved for tacos. Throw a fiesta complete with colorful papel picados and a mariachi band for the bride who has a penchant for tacos, tequila, and as much guacamole as she can get her hands on (also known as all of us). A margarita bar is an absolute requirement, as is a variety of fiery salsas with which guests can dip their chips. This party can be held either inside or outside, giving you options in the event that severe weather strikes.

Host a Barbeque

It’s time to start the hula dancers; the luau has begun. Even though this is a tried-and-true concept for parties and bridal showers, it never fails to excite guests, particularly when the weather is hot and humid in the summertime. Invite your friends and family to come dressed in their most colorful and floral-printed attire, decorate the venue with tiki torches and orchids, and, of course, hand out leis to everyone as they enter. Consider traditional dishes and drinks from the islands of the South Pacific, such as kalua pork, poke bowls, fresh pineapple, and tiki cocktails.

Try Variety of Wines

At the destination wedding shower held at the local winery, guests will spend the day sampling white and red wines, learning how wine is made, and, of course, drinking glass on a patio while snacking on a huge cheese plate. Producers such as Charles Krug in Napa Valley and Macari Vineyards in New York are ideal for hosting large gatherings since they offer seats both indoors and outdoors, as well as spectacular views and excellent wines. Look for a local winery that has a variety of offerings in order to make the most of your day trip with your closest girlfriends.

Opt for Chic Garden Party

Host a chic party in a well-manicured garden or a greenhouse to give the impression to your guests that they are in the middle of the English countryside. Imagine clothes with printed floral patterns, cocktails with lavender garnishes, and an abundance of blooms served alongside farm-fresh fare. Along with more traditional forms of entertainment, like as archery, a string quartet will help to further establish the scene.

Summer Solstice is an Occasion to Observe

The summer solstice is a great wedding shower theme that is characterized by the tilt of the Earth toward the sun. As a result of this tilt, the summer solstice results in the “longest day of the year,” a phrase that was coined due to the greatest number of hours of sunlight that occur on that day. Throw the wedding party outside, provide dishes and drinks that are appropriate for the season, and encourage guests to wear bright colors in honour of the person who inspired you the most. Give your celebration a twist that honours Mother Nature in recognition of the fact that this holiday also celebrates her. Renting glassware, dishes, and linens, decorating with potted plants, and giving donations to charities that focus on environmental issues are all great ways to cut down on waste during your party.

Frequently asked questions

What is a modern bridal shower?

Some couples who truly don’t need anything for their new life together choose not to accept traditional wedding gifts at all. Instead, they ask their wedding-shower guests to contribute a recipe, a piece of marital advice, or their favorite bridal photo or memory of the bride or couple to be collected in an album.

What is a sprinkle bridal shower?

Even the most inconsequential of cues might serve as the impetus for an original concept or original design. Recently, this took place as we were talking about throwing a baby shower for a woman who was expecting her second child. The family referred to the shower as a “sprinkle” throughout the conversation.

Are bridal showers outdated?

This does not mean that showers are going the way of the dollar dance in terms of their usefulness. “While some brides choose not to have a traditional shower, more often than not, we are seeing it replaced with a bridal celebration that more directly matches the bride’s style and personality.

What do people do at bridal shower parties?

The majority of guests at a bridal shower occasion spend their time talking, eating, playing games, and paying tribute to the future bride. As a guest, you will want to keep in mind that the celebration is focused on the bride and the unique day that lies ahead of her and that the majority of the events that take place throughout the day will reflect this.

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